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About Us

MMOGames Team

About Us

MMOGames.com  provides daily News, Reviews, Articles and Guides for everything related to MMOs and MMORPGs, alongside up-to-date Game Listings with gorgeous designs, Giveaways and a new home page intended to make finding the latest of everything easier than ever before. First founded in 2007, MMOGames.com has undergone incredible changes in its 7-year run.

We have launched a number of new and innovative features, ranging from a new design and back-end for the entire site, to a new vision and outlook for the future. We overhauled site navigation and added community and social features, expanded our Journalist Team, all to ensure that your experience is better than ever before. Read more about us below!

We are happy to receive tips, game journalist applications and hear what you think of our website, so feel free to contact us!


Meet the Team

  • Roxane Mollenkramer, Senior Portal Manager
  • Shannon Doyle, Editor-in-Chief
  • Hannah Richardson-Lewis, News Editor
  • Mitch Baylosis-Benesa, Content Distributor
  • Jacinto Samson, Content Creator, Distributor
  • Levi Witmer, Journalist, Content Manager
  • Mark Luijks, Journalist, Marketing Analyst
  • Jonathan Doyle, Event Journalist


MMOGames Journalist Team

  • Shannon Doyle
  • Jonathan Doyle
  • Andrew Ross
  • Steve Messner
  • Theodore Binas
  • Ryan Ocello
  • Clare Deming
  • Graeme Buckie
  • Hannah Richardson-Lewis
  • Jessica Cook
  • Kalle de Mare
  • Jonathan Rodriguez
  • Mark Monaco
  • Mark Temple
  • Petter Martensson
  • Nick Shively
  • Hendrik Cone
  • Jacob Crawford
  • Andrew Skinner
  • Sherlon Villanueva
  • Lee Jones


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