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About Us

About Us

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MMOGames, first founded in 2007, has undergone incredible changes in its 5-year run, though none so monumental as those made on the 11th of August, 2012. This day marked the launch of a number of new and innovative features, ranging from a new design and back-end for the entire site, to a new vision and outlook for the future. We abandoned traditional advertising methods, overhauled site navigation throughout and added community and social features, ensuring that your experience is better than ever before.

Today, we provide readers with daily news, reviews, articles and guides for everything online gaming has to offer, alongside up-to-date game listings with gorgeous designs, forum communities and a new home page intended to make finding the latest of everything easier than ever before.

And we’re just getting started…

Meet The Team

Roxane ‘Gaia’ Mollenkramer

Senior Portal Manager

Jay ‘Tobias Masters’ Orton
Creative Designer & GFX FX

Kei ‘Deadeyemcduck’ Benesa
Content Distributor

Mitch ‘Karrotkayk’ Baylosis-Benesa
Content Distributor

Shannon ‘Maressa’ Doyle
Columnist & Content Distributor

Mark Kamminga
Sales Director


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