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DarkOrbit is a Space-Themed Sci-Fi MMO played directly through your browser that boasts a player-base in the millions. DarkOrbit allows you to take control of your own space fighter against aliens as you try to gain control of the galaxy by upgrading your ship and increasing your level, while also avoiding players from enemy factions. In DarkOrbit, the core aim for players is to choose between three companies, complete missions, and try to get power and wealth!

DarkOrbit Key Features

Join Community – Join over 80 millions players every day, arm you weapons, get ready, show your strength and prove others that you deserve to be a  winner!

Pilot your personal spacecraft – Do not miss an opportunity to choose your own spacecraft from a host specialized ships and to win in a fight with the alien vermin threatening the existence of man.

Galaxy Gates – Collect all parts for a “galaxy gate” and you will be able to fly through the portal to the place where enemies couldn’t reach you! This will give you a small advantage to think about further strategy and keep alive!

Special Events – DarkOrbit organizes the special events/competitions from time to time, where the player has a great opportunity to win special rewards and bonuses.

Website Forum – Sign to the official DarkOrbit forum and discuss the game with other players, ask questions and be update about the following events.

Find your Clan – The player has a chance to find a join clan, which helps him to level up, gain more credits and compete against rivals.

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