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military-mmo-games-desert-operations-base-screenshot military-mmo-games-desert-operations-helipad-screenshot military-mmo-games-desert-operations-income-expenses-screenshot military-mmo-games-desert-operations-town-screenshot
  • military-mmo-games-desert-operations-base-screenshot
  • military-mmo-games-desert-operations-helipad-screenshot
  • military-mmo-games-desert-operations-income-expenses-screenshot
  • military-mmo-games-desert-operations-town-screenshot

Desert Operations

Desert Operations is a 2D, Browser-Based Modern-Warfare-Themed MMORTS set in the modern world that utilizes Sim City-like visuals to create a high-quality strategic game field.

Build a modern empire and command your troops into battle; though be warned, only the strong survive in Desert Operations. Player vs. Player (PvP) combat is always a threat; your enemies require your territory for success, and you theirs. Have you got what it takes?

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    next idea GmbH
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