Digimon Masters Content Update Released

Digimon Masters Onine is a free-to-play MMORPG based on the Digimon Universe. Today, publisher Joymax announced the release of the largest client update yet. Digimon Masters continues the storyline and sense of urgency felt in the Digimon Anime. In addition, the new update also brings an increased level cap, new digimon, new items and extra maps for players to explore freely.

MMO Games Digimon Masters Online Screenshot

The new level cap for Digimon has been raised from 75 to 85, allowing players to progress even further and perhaps unlock hidden potential never before seen in their Digimon. Guilmon from Series 3 has been introduced in-game, along with Candlemon and Sakuyamon which are considered favorites from the show. From the cash shop, players can now purchase items such as the Premium EXP Boost (100%) or the even more useful 140% and 200% EXP bonus boosts.

Veteran tamers who have already plundered and pillaged their way through the game world aren’t being left out either. Several new maps have been introduced, four to be exact. Each of the zones are for level 55 and above players but contain Mercenary Digimon who may just be the toughest enemies in-game yet. Begin exploring Digimon Maze B1, and Digimon Maze B2 today for your chance to get Digiclone[A] to enchant your Digimon to the highest level in the newly updated enchantment system.

MMO Games Digimon Masters Online Screenshot

MMO Games Digimon Masters Online Screenshot

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