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Freestyle 2 Giftpack Giveaway

Freestyle 2 is a Free-to-Play Basketball MMO Sport Simulator developed by JC Entertainment. Freestyle got a simple and fun gameplay which keeps you wanting more. Play on five different positions, a lot of different courts and costomize your character, definetly a lovely sport MMO.


What’s in the Giftpack?

  • Point Ball x5
  • Card Ball x1
  • Item Ball x1
  • Toy Coin x5
  • Freestyle Ticket x5
  • Megaphone x20
  • Double Up Sponsor x1

Sign up to MMOGames

  1. Register to our website.
  2. Verify your email.
  3. Once it’s verified, head on over to the Giveaway section and claim your Key!

How to Claim

  1. Create an Account or Login to an existing Account for Freestyle2 at http://eurogamez.eu/
  2. Download the Freestyle2 game client
  3. Input the key code
  4. Players will receive their rewards every Wednesday

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