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Lil’ Conquest Gift Pack Giveaway

Lil’ Conquest is a free to play browser-based business simulation and war-themed strategy game that enables players to build their village into an empire by establishing economic productivity. In addition to amassing economic might, players in Lil’ Conquest can also build massive armies to conquer the world!  Recruit the world’s bravest heroes and units from ancient and modern times. Can you perfectly manage your lands to maximize income? Can you lead more than 65 heroes and units into battle, and conquer the world? Conquering the world is no simple feat, even for the wisest and bravest of rulers. To help new players do exactly that, LoyGame and MMOGames have teamed up to bring you this Lil’ Conquest Gift Pack Giveaway! Get your hands on a bunch of helpful goodies, get in the game, and take over the world!

Lil' Conquest Gift Pack Giveaway


What You Get From The Lil’ Conquest Gift Pack Giveaway

  • 50,000 Coins
  • 100 Blue Diamonds
  • 1 Bronze Sword
  • NOTE: Each account may only redeem one key. Each key may be used only once.


Sign Up To MMOGames To Claim Your Key

  1. Register to our website.
  2. Verify your email.
  3. Once it’s verified, head on over to the ‘Giveaway’ section and claim your free key!


How To Redeem Your Lil’ Conquest Gift Pack Giveaway Key

  1. If you do not already have a Lil’ Conquest account, head over to the Lil’ Conquest website and make one.
  2. Log into the game.
  3. Copy and paste code in “Redeem” in Lil’ Conquest.
  4. Enjoy the game and your items!


This is a limited code giveaway to be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis. It will run as long as there are keys available. If you have any issues, please contact us.

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