Fantasy games exist across all genres and are available for PCs, consoles and mobile devices. No matter if it’s RPG, strategy or action, fantasy MMORPGs are great for people who want to leave reality behind and dive into a virtual world of wonder. The term fantasy game is very broad and includes a wide selection of different online games. There are always the classic games in the style of Tolkien, with elves, orcs, dwarves and every other familiar fantasy character that comes to mind. However, there are also novel online fantasy games with newly imagined and breath-taking environments. On mmogames.com, you can find hundreds of free fantasy games that amaze with their graphic features and their incredible depth when it comes to playing them. You can spend hours playing without even noticing how much time has passed. If you don’t have the time or energy for expansive adventures, you can also take advantage of casual games in form of mobile apps with fantasy settings that you can play on the go or during your breaks.


Fantasy Games come in different flavors – here are some examples


In our diverse game collection on mmogames.com, we offer you thousands of free online games including fantasy MMORPGs. In order for you to find the right game, you have to think about the device you want to use and which genre you prefer. Fantasy settings are waiting for you in the following genres:


  • Strategy: It doesn’t always have to be a medieval village! Although the Dark Age is a very popular era (especially when it come to city-building games), there are other fantasy games with magical creatures, fabulous species and strange worlds that need to be discovered. In Elevenar by InnoGames, you can create a beautiful and majestic metropolis as ruler of the elves.
  • RPG: This is the most common setting for online fantasy games. There is a large number of fantasy MMORPGs as these kinds of games allow people to slip out of their boring day-to-day and become amazing heroes with special abilities experiencing the adventurous gaming world. In the free online RPG Aion, you can even grow yourself wings and admire the landscape from above.
  • Brain-Teaser: In the past couple of years, countless brain teaser games and puzzles have emerged on Facebook and as mobile apps. In general, you can play these games for free. In these fantasy games, you can help cheeky witches combine colorful crystals or move up levels by solving tricky riddles.


Discover free Fantasy Games Online with your Friends


The fantasy RPGs you can find on mmogames.com are online games for which you need a stable internet connection. This is a rule for all titles in the browser game genre and for Facebook games, but also applies to downloaded games. Depending on the app, it can vary from mobile game to mobile game. Some games, especially role playing games, more complex strategy games and multiplayer games can’t even be launched while you are offline. Some other ones, however, allow you to play offline and to save your progress later on when you are connected to Wi-Fi. More often than not, fantasy games also allow you to play with friends as well. In some fantasy MMORPGs, it’s even necessary to attack difficult enemies in a group while alliances and guilds are an essential part of strategy games.


Fighting games like MOBA-Hits League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm are also considered fantasy games as they feature strange creatures that (fortunately) don’t exist in real life.


If you are looking for an ultimate fantasy fix, you found the right site! Mmogames.com has a huge selection of fantasy RPGs for all platforms but most importantly: they are free! Explore our collection of games and go on incredible adventures!