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Luna Online: Reborn Luna Online: Reborn Luna Online Reborn Luna Online: Reborn Luna Online: Reborn

Luna Online: Reborn

Luna Online: Reborn is a free to play anime themed fantasy MMORPG set in the cute and colorful world of Blueland, and it is the remake of the popular Luna Online. Here in Blueland, Humans and Elves work together with the mysterious Maijn to defend their homeland from the forces of darkness which threaten it. Luna Online: Reborn has many adjustments and changes when compared to the original game, with the bulk of the changes being made to remedy components of the gameplay which players disliked. From raising pets and decorating your house to going on raids, hunting for epic gear, and competing in guild vs guild PvP to claim Luna Castle, Luna Online: Reborn offers something for everyone. Which path will you choose, and what stories will you tell along the way?

Luna Online: Reborn Key Features

Intense Character Diversity – Characters can choose from over 100 different classes and 500 different skills, leading to an immense possibility for specialization. Whatever your playstyle, you will be able to build a character that caters to it!

Wonderful World – The colorful 3D graphics and anime themed characters set the mood for this fun and fantastic world  Meet the people and unlock the secrets as you explore and quest.

PvP With A Purpose – Guilds can fight one another for control of Luna Castle, and Realms can fight one another too! Earn glory, prizes, and bragging rights!

Lots To Do – If you do  not feel like going on raids or competing in PvP, Luna Online: Reborn offers an extensive pet collection system, fully decorateable player housing, vehicles to ride around in, and loads of social activities; you might even fall in love!

Luna Online: Reborn

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