Merlin Online, also widely known as just Merlin, is a real time cooperative fantasy-adventure game on Facebook. The game is based on the popular television series and features ability-based gameplay with no classes. Players can engage in real-time multiplayer magic and melee combat and develop their characters while playing with friends. Show your heroism, prove your camaraderie, live the adventure. Merlin received a nomination for a BAFTA award for Best Online Browser Game in 2013.

"Camelot, the crown of Albion. A kingdom destined to be remembered throughout history. Great men and women make their names here, while the dark forces of the world will stop at nothing to blot out its light. It will never replace where you came from, but it might just be worth fighting for."

Merlin Online Key Features

Show Your Heroism - Step into the most magical of shoes and take on fantastic challenges. There are mysteries to solve and obstacles to overcome! Do you have the wits and will to persevere?

Prove Your Camaraderie - Play with your friends and explore and fight together. You can team up to take on tougher challenges, or face off against your rivals.

Live The Adventure - Experience the world of Merlin! Live the magic and experience the mysteries for yourself, for free, and all through Facebook!