Modern Combat Versus is a free to play mobile shooter from Gameloft, and it is the next installment in the popular mobile shooter franchise, Modern Combat. Building on the worldwide success of its predecessors, Modern Combat Versus delivers an unprecedented mobile shooter experience, designed to take advantage of today's current-gen mobile devices. Battle your way across arenas in real time, against players from all around the world. Compete for bragging rights, rewards, and rankings. Get lost in graphics so smooth and realistic, you will forget you're playing a mobile game!

Modern Combat Versus Key Features

Console Quality In Your Hand - Between graphics and animations that are reminiscent of high-end consoles, fast paced twitch-based gameplay that demands your best, and a ranking and reward system that urges you on, Modern Combat Versus is a complete shooter experience.

Gameplay For All - Controls and concepts are so straightforward and simple, they are approachable to players of all skill levels. Mastering the timing, tactics, and skills required, however, will demand a player's focus and attention. In a nutshell, Modern Combat Versus is easy to learn but hard to master.

Breathtaking Graphics - This is one of the first mobile games to make use of PBR (physically based rendering) technology. PBR is a game technology engine which realistically reproduces materials' responses to light sources and to reflections. Combined with HDR and image-based lighting, Modern Combat Versus pushes mobile graphics to new heights.