7 Things We Would Like to See in Secret World Legends

One of the most talked about games at the moment is Secret World Legends, the re-release of the spooky MMORPG The Secret World created by Funcom. It isn’t an MMO anymore but many of the things players love about The Secret World will be in Secret World Legends. The beta for Secret World Legends has already started but with an NDA in place, we can only speculate on what the new game is like. That’s why we’ve put together a list of a few things we would like to see in Secret World Legends.

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Revamped Swords

For many, their first experience of The Secret World was slashing zombies repeatedly using the same ability over and over again. After doing this for a half hour they would declare that the combat was terrible and the game sucked. Unfortunately, they were just following the advice of so many people who said the sword was the best weapon to start with instead of exploring the options on their own. If they made it past the first area they would quickly find themselves frustrated as their hack ‘n slash style was no longer working. They had to try new weapons and new methods of doing things. Effectively relearning and reinventing their character for each region. Something that was difficult to get used to. Revamping the sword abilities is just the first step Funcom can take in fixing the combat in this new revamp. Hopefully, the people who were turned off by it before will come back to a new and improved version that is a little bit less monotonous.

Bonuses for Grand Masters

Grand Masters and other veterans are feeling a little bit pushed to the side at the moment. While it has been said that there will be something lined up Funcom hasn’t announced anything yet because they aren’t finished putting it together. This is something that Funcom will need to address soon before more of the current player base jump ship. Many of the discussions about Secret World Legends breaks down into two categories; the people who tried TSW once upon a time and are interested in learning more, and the current players who are upset and worried that they are just being ignored. Even if this was just beta invites for current players and Grand Masters, keeping the current player base happy is as important as bringing a new one in as this reflects how the company handles their community.

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Roleplay Space

To aid with the creepy, empty environment you’re meant to be in the number of people in an area is being vastly reduced. With the exception of Agartha, the main hub at the center of the earth. It hasn’t been said yet if this will also apply to the cities but if it does it will create some big problems for roleplayers as this is traditionally where they congregate. It has been seen in other games like Guild Wars 2 when server structure changes are made it becomes harder for roleplayers to find each other. Funcom has said that there will be a place in Agartha for roleplayers which is fantastic news but it also leaves RPers open to harassment from random people which can really ruin the roleplaying experience. One way they could fix the concerns would be to have instances that are designated RP and make it easy for players to swap to those instances of the map. This is something that Guild Wars 2 lacks so your chances of finding random roleplayers is diminished.

Ability Wheel Changes

The Ability Wheel in The Secret World can be a little bit confusing for a lot of people. Some even find it intimidating. We know already that it is getting changed. But there is some concern that the changes will result in a situation similar to that seen in Rift where it is oversimplified to appeal to everyone. Changes were made that streamlined the souls in Rift effectively making them all follow the same pattern and in the process making them less complex, ultimately giving players less variety. Something similar happened in Guild Wars 2 when the trait system was revamped. It’s very likely that the same thing could happen in Secret World Legends and if it does that will be a sad day indeed. Instead, we would love to see a new alternative to the Ability Wheel that keeps the complexity and allows for all the beautiful variety you can find in The Secret World today.

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Changes to Investigation Missions

Investigation missions are often considered the best part of The Secret World. They draw you in and make you think. They are the very core of what makes TSW the MMO for grown-ups. But after you’ve done them once the magic is lost. You remember the code for the number pad under the rock. You remember what the message in Morse code was. It would be fantastic if these could all be changed. Not only for there to be new answers to the problems but also new ways to find the answers that come from the game. Little changes like this may take up a lot of development time but they seem like something that would be perfect for this fresh new start to the game.

More from the NPCs

With the move from MMORPG to a shared world action RPG, the importance of the NPCs needs to grow. In particular, we’re thinking of the leaders of the factions, Richard Sonnac, Kirsten Geary, and…whatever the leader of the Dragons is called. Feeling their presence a bit stronger would help a lot towards the RPG part of the game. This would require a lot of development and of course getting the voice actors to come back which may not be possible. Getting all the NPCs to be more than just quest hubs would be fantastic, but I’m not sure how to do it. Maybe it is as simple as having the higher ups of the factions wandering through their cities or leading missions themselves.

Embrace Conan

The Secret World has always been a game for a more grown up audience. This is obvious when you roll up a Dragon and get a fantastic… foot rub from a pretty lady in a red dress. But it is only heavily hinted at. And nudity just doesn’t happen. When you strip down on your characters you still have something on. This includes smiley face nipples for women. Embrace the boob! Let people get some titillation (pun intended) when they’re putting outfits together. This also opens up the opportunity to cross promote a bit. Conan outfits in Secret World Legends? Yes please! #freethenipple

Things We Would Like to See in Secret World Legends


These are just a few things we would enjoy seeing in Secret World Legends. Only time will tell if any of them come to pass. What would you like to see in Secret World Legends? Will you be playing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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