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Bel’s Blog Bonanza – March 27, 2015

Hey folks and welcome to Bel’s Blog Bonanza, a bi-weekly feature here on MMOGames where I attempt to highlight some of the more interesting topics currently cycling through the gaming blogosphere. One of my favorite aspects of writing about games, is the interactions I have with other bloggers. In this column, it is my goal to highlight some of the individuals in this community and present their interesting take on current issues. Let us dispense with the introduction and get to the awesome.


Draenor Months Later

wowapathyWe have reached that point in the currently World of Warcraft expansion where players are starting to slow down in their consumption of content.  With it has come a number of different posts from the community talking out these doldrums.  Some players are apathetic about the current place the game is in, while others are frustrated with the chorus of “there is nothing to do”.  During this round up I thought I would pull together some various voices on the subject including my own, to talk about the current state of Warlords of Draenor.

Everquest Sweet Sixteen

everquestAnother extremely cool happening over the last few weeks is that Everquest has turned sixteen and with it a lot of festivities centered around this anniversary. The blogging community reflected on their thoughts about the release of Everquest and where the franchise is now. I thought it was also a good time to bring up a long time Everquest player who has been recreating epic moments from the franchise in another game. While we may not be playing EQ, it is still very near and dear to our hearts.

Tamriel Unlimited

elderscrollsonlineOver these last few weeks the community has been humming with excitement about the Elder Scrolls Online buy to play conversion called “Tamriel Unlimited”. I myself have been back and the servers are now packed with people excited to see the changes that have occurred since launch. As you might expect there are a fair number of posts talking about their experiences going back both positive and negative.

Psychology of Kickstarter

kickstarterThis week the Crowfall kickstarter wrapped up earning $1,766,205 USD from 16,936 backers, making it a very rousing success. It seems like Kickstarter is here to stay and continues to be an extremely successful way of securing financing for your games. With this another round of posts have delved into the process, reviewing the success of past games and going after the psychology behind this process. If nothing else they are some interesting reads hinting at what exactly Kickstarter success means.

Better Community

community blog

Each week I like to highlight a single post along with the various trends, that either made me think or made me evaluate my own way of thinking about something. This week we have an excellent post from Lonomonkey talking about how sometimes we can become part of the problem. In the post he talks about his own experiences being a highly geared player mixed in with lower and less experienced players. It is extremely easy to get frustrated when players don’t grasp what seems like simple concepts to you. In any case it is a great read and made me think about my own interactions with random players while completing content, and if I am helping or harming the community.

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