black desert online vs blade & soul

Blade & Soul VS Black Desert – Which One Will You Play in 2016?

black desert online vs blade & soul


The coming of Blade & Soul (closed beta) and Black Desert (alpha) in the western market is like bringing North American and European MMO fans back to the golden era of MMORPG. Blade & Soul and Black Desert will both release in the west in early 2016, and inevitably, a war is coming. The question is: will you play Blade & Soul or Black Desert?



Blade & Soul: ★★★

  • The Unreal Engine 3 MMO isn’t new though you can’t call it old game. UE3 is a mature engine and it offers you a lot of options to adjust B&S’s graphic settings. That means the game can run on various PC specs.
  • It’s a shame that the game doesn’t have day/night shift and weather system, although different regions are geographically unique.
  • Blade & Soul is a 2009 MMO and the game doesn’t make use of the latest visual technologies
  • The game doesn’t have too much physics.

B&S in ultra settings black desert online vs blade & soul


Black Desert: ★★★★★

  • Black Desert’s engine is built specifically for the MMO. A self-developed custom engine means Black Desert can have a very stunning and optimized graphics. Lights are what makes the engine is proud of.
  • Black Desert has dynamic day/night shift (4 hours in real world is a day in BD) and weather system.
  • The game uses most of the latest technologies and it supports DX11. The developer said they were considering adding DX12 support.
  • Physics including collision detect is in the game and it allows you to climb onto wall, house, and more.

Black Desert in max settings black desert online vs blade & soul


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