Cosplay From Gamescom 2015

Wandering around the Gamescom floor we saw a lot of fantastic cosplay, here are just a few of the highlights as well as a couple that make you raise an eyebrow. As usual the convention center was hot with outside temperatures reaching into the 90s and 400,000 people wandering the halls it’s amazing that the cosplayers managed to stay looking so amazing.


Guild Wars 2 Players

Guild Wars 2 Team

Cosplay Fight

A fight about to break out in the halls of the convention center.

Assassin's Creed

There were a lot of awesome Assassin’s Creed people wandering around.

Armored Guitar Guy

This Bard may be over dressed.

Blue Abs

This guy really stood out in the crowd.

Portal Cosplay

Now you’re thinking with portals!

Chaos Space Marine Cosplay

This Chaos Space Marine looked amazing. I can only imagine how hot it was inside of all of that.

Rift Cosplay

Some amazing Rift cosplay from the Trion community party.

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