Defiance: Is It Wrong to Be Excited?

Defiance is an upcoming sci-fi MMOFPS by Trion Worlds that is not only releasing on PC but also the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. Putting players in an end of the world, alien invasion scenario – players will find themselves roaming the wastelands, killing alien scum.

I had the chance to play Defiance several times, I checked out one of the initial co-op PvE zones to be seen at E3 last year, I tried out structured PvP at GamesCom later that year, and participated in the first closed beta. Each time I played I felt a mixture of both excitement and concern about some concepts I felt might turn out a bit more shallow than described.

I can quite easily say that I didn’t really show much interest for Defiance the first few times I played it, I just wasn’t seeing much that really grabbed my attention. By the end of the closed beta however, it was like a slow-boiling interest that grew and I found myself becoming more and more fascinated with the game – my perspective is changing.

It’s my job to poke at a game in as many places as possible and see if anything undesirable pops out, essentially I wade through the pools of games finding hidden reasons as to why you don’t want to play that particular game. It is this way because there are very few games that a journalist can truly tell you is worth your undying devotion.

When so much of the same passes by your desk each day, it’s easy to become overly-critical of games and to bring out a lot of negative vibes with very little effort. As gamers, I feel we have become just as demanding and irrational as any other consumer – and that makes it easy to become blind to when some really awesome stuff is happening around you.

Perhaps I was just being a little guarded at first, my time and affection is a precious commodity in a world with so many games and I don’t go handing it out freely to just anyone. I can now comfortably say though that I am extremely excited and ready to dive in to the world that Trion are trying to develop and I think you should be too.

Why? First of all the developer is bringing the game to multiple platforms, quite a feat already when you consider how hard it is to get an MMO functioning on the Xbox 360 with its restrictive model. Additionally, the game will sync with a new show under the same name on the SyFy Channel with both mediums influencing each other.

It seems I’ve dropped my defences a little, rather than tearing this game apart looking for any signs of cookie-cutter gameplay or lackluster design, I am happy to just be excited for what at the end of the day is a really cool project. I mean sure the show could be terrible, the gameplay no better than an on-rails themepark MMO, and the influencing factors between both mediums could be so shallow and pointless that they become irrelevant.

I’m not worrying about that though, instead I am just enjoying the fact that a developer is taking the time to pursue something so big and full of potential. I am ready to jump in to the fight and start making a name for myself in the world before sitting down each week and enjoying another episode of the show – learning all about the lore and truly investing in the world laid out before me. The developers seem to be putting a lot of passion in to building this new IP and making it something that could potentially be a huge franchise.

It’s clear that Trion Worlds wants to have a title in every major MMO genre, and for the most part they have done okay. We were completely and utterly disappointed with End of Nations, but with Defiance I think that they might have found their calling. It’s an ambitious project that could very well impact the way we perceive games and their TV counterparts in the future. Now all we need is for Trion to really bring it home and show us that they can do right where so many others have gone wrong. For more info, visit the game page.

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