A Guild Wars 2 Wintersday Giveaway for Fanzine ‘Chimes’

It has been quite a year for Guild Wars 2. We saw the conclusion of Living Story Season 3, the launch and successes of Path of Fire, and we will start the last dash of the year with Season 4. What better way to finish off the year though than with a Wintersday themed fanzine? We’re talking about Chimes, a fan made charity art book.

There have been some ups and some downs but throughout it all there have been fans hard at work and hard at play around Guild Wars.

We will cover the Living Story Season 4 more in-depth before its release but we certainly can all say this, if they keep to the traditions begun in Season 3 we can expect a new zone. If we’re that lucky, we’ll get to see exactly what sort of scale we can expect the game to continue on from here on out. Mounts gave them the opportunity to create vast gorgeous zones with few waypoints and plenty of places to go. Will the season stories bring us zones with the same broad borders and open vistas to explore? Only time will tell. We certainly can hope though that the world continues in this new broader vein, both showing off the beauty of Guild Wars and letting us spend time atop our mounts exploring that world.

Before we get into that rollercoaster ride to the finish, we should look around the community that makes up such an integral part of the joy of playing in Tyria. Make no mistake, it will be a rush to the end of the year. We have just under a week until Thanksgiving is upon the gaming world, two weeks to Season 4 and after that, before you know it we’ll be deep in December, Wintersday and the looming end of the year.

So let’s focus on a particular fan effort this year.

Chimes is a Wintersday themed zine being put together by some passionate Guild Wars 2 fans. Leading it all is POW, an MMO gaming community that can be found in Black Desert Online, and of course Guild Wars 2.  It’s a book that features art from more than 70 artists and writers who have given their takes on Wintersday and Path of Fire. It has 100 pages of full-color illustrations, comics, and custom art. The book itself comes in a physical or digital version and is available for purchase now on the Chimes website. Order before December 1st if you want a physical edition.

Image by: Mysha, Story by: Kit the Traveler

Best of all the net proceeds from Chimes will go to Doctors Without Borders. It makes a wonderful gift for any Guild Wars 2 fan and helps support a great cause.


To help you get into the Wintersday spirit we’re giving away a copy of Chimes! We’re giving you multiple chances to enter. Just follow us on social media, leave a comment, and check back here every day until November 28th when the contest will end.

If you’d like to order your own copy head over to the Chimes website and reserve your copy before December 1st for the physical edition. The ezine will be available afterward.

Chimes GW2 Wintersday Fanzine Giveaway

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