life is feudal MMO Interview

Life is Feudal: MMO Developer Interview

Sandbox MMOs are the hottest thing out there, and Life is Feudal aims to redefine the entire genre. Today we sit down with the CEO of Bitbox Ltd and learn what the game is all about while answering some pressing questions.

life is feudal MMO Interview


I think the biggest question on my mind, and the one I’m going to start with, is what sets LiF apart from other sandbox MMOs like Wurm Online and Conan Exiles?

And that is a really awesome question that shows that I’m talking with an expert in sandbox MMOs!

When compared with Conan Exiles – Life is Feudal: MMO is a true MMORPG with up to 10,000 simultaneous players on one server, while Conan Exiles servers run only 40-70 players max. That is one of the main differences, but there are plenty more, like a fully real terraforming with tunnel-building, true no-target combat physics calculations and a focus on cooperative gameplay.

And if you compare Life is Feudal: MMO with Wurm online – we have a truly free 3-dimensional terraforming system, that does not require to build a separate tunnel entrance and dig a limited height tunnel – in Life is Feudal:MMO you can build a whole underground city with huge hallways, spiral staircases in mountains and pretty much whatever you can imagine, so long as it does not break the laws of physics and common sense.

Combat is very different in Life is Feudal:MMO, too. It is like comparing text MUD combat with a modern FPS shooter. I can’t say that MUDs combat wasn’t fun, but time goes on.

Because we’re often compared to other well known titles we even created a page “LiF is…” on our site that I strongly encourage everyone to visit to have a better understanding of what Life is Feudal is.


One of the issues that many of us foresee is that of space. As players grow and learn, they’re going to run out of room; do you plan to expand the world with the players, or will they simply have to deal with it?

Firstly, expansion in the limited world leads to conflict, and that is what some of us really like in such games.

life is feudal interview

Secondly, our in-game server architecture and special technology allow game servers to be interconnected with  neighboring game servers, creating  one huge seamless map, where the player is being switched between multiple servers while traveling without even knowing about it! Because of this system, as a major expansion to introduce a whole continent to the west that will be interconnected seamlessly to the current one!

We also plan to introduce different worlds with different rulesets (Vanilla, Roleplay, Fast progression with a monthly wipe, etc.) so players will always have a specific and preferred place to play in. Thus, we don’t think that lack of space will be an issue.


I noticed on Reddit you said there will be naval combat, which I’m really excited about, so can you elaborate on that a little? Are there open oceans? Can you live at sea? Can I be a salty pirate?

We plan to implement ships and some kind of naval warfare, but that’s more something we’d like to do in the future and isn’t in our current development timeline. Our world is set in the medieval ages and pre-gunpowder, so when we do add it, naval combat will not be as spectacular as you might imagine from, for example, a pirate setting. But you can still be a viking who navigates his drakkar to the shore villages for quick and bloody raids!

We do plan to leave some space between continents for bare ocean tiles with a tiny amount of small islands. Who knows, maybe we will create some ancient water beasts there.


How will player skills be capped? Will they only have a certain number of skill points so that they have to choose their professions carefully? Will a farmer always be a farmer, or a soldier always a soldier? Is skill resetting possible?

Well, Life is Feudal:MMO uses the same system as Life is Feudal: Your Own and it is similar to the Ultima Online skillcap system with one key difference – in our system combat skills have a separate cap from crafting skills. So you can be a farmer wielding a sword, a mounted builder or a full-plated alchemist wielding a flamberge.  But you can always choose what skill do you want to sacrifice in order to advance some new skill you want to level up, so you can always retrain without any limitations.


I know the game is based around grouping, heavily, but will there be any room for solo players? Will I be able to become some cranky old hermit lady who lives in the middle of nowhere and hates everyone?

You can try. If you will live somewhere in the middle of nowhere in a harsh environment where no other guild or small groups would even dare to come – you’ll be fine. That living will be hard, unforgiving and harsh but still be possible. But for that kind of gameplay experience,  I really recommend you instead check out Life is Feudal: your Own – that is where you will be able to create your own world, with your own rules and live there alone as a grumpy hateful hermit.


What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen players accomplish in the closed beta so far?

It’s more awesome to show these, than for me to explain them. Please, keep in mind, that EVERYTHING you see on those screenshots was created or modified by players, including terrain, trees, fields and buildings, of course.

life is feudal


life is feudal

life is feudal


What sort of community options will be available? In-game mail, guild functionality?

Chats of all sorts, including guild leaders political chat will be part of the game. Guild management is one of the most important aspects of our game. Since everything centers on the guild and private property systems, we’ve implemented extensive property access rules along with an in-guild titles system that allow you to set up any combination of access rules. You can let allies use your warehouse and only your guild officers can open northern main gates, for example.

A feudal guild to guild relations system is included into our Life is Feudal:MMO. The only way a small band of battle brothers can turn into a powerful Order is to get more than 10 members in their ranks, and then it keeps expanding, as once an Order builds a special monument, they then claim a good amount of land around that monument and become a Country. Once any other Country asks for a protection, they can set an “Ally” standing towards our Country. Once accepted, that makes the original country become a Kingdom with a one vassal-state. After that, you will want to add more vassals into your kingdom.


Other than building, what other opportunities will the players have to shape the world and write their own stories?

Terraforming, alignment system, full loot, ability to place furniture and small objects in their settlements and houses, voice chat that we plan to implement during the OBT phase of our MMO. We already know that there are plenty of role playing communities around our game and we hope they will grow even larger on Role Playing or Vanilla world in our game.


As players explore crafting and create new items, are there any surprises in store for them as far as items go, or is it all pretty straight forward?

Yes, we plan some surprises. But surprises will not surprise you, if you know what they are about. So just stay tuned and remember – life IS feudal.


The MMOGames team would like to thank Bitbox for reaching out and answering our questions regarding Life is Feudal and how it plans to expand in the future.

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