MMO Urban Legends And Ghost Stories

Gaming has never been a stranger to scary stories, tales of horror, and urban legends. Even though we know that a lot of these stories are just a bunch of BS there is always that want, or perhaps a need, to hear them, to know them, with our senses secretly wanting them to be real. Since gaming’s time in memoriam, there have been countless stories of the strange and macabre, and those in the MMO genre are not safe from them either. Our small list below is just a few bits and pieces of some popular rumors and creepypasta that simply want to abuse our anxiety with mysteries associated to the wonders of the internet and mass communication. We are just going to focus on the the stories themselves, and not at all on trying to disprove or criticize them because, well, where’s the fun in that? Seriously. Now, sit by the virtual campfire, and let ol’ Uncle Ted tell you some tall (and not-so-tall) tales.


Minecraft Madness: Herobrine

There are a lot of super creepy tales and rumors about the massive Minecraft, but none are as popular as Herobrine, that even the developers of Minecraft have gotten in on the fun.

urban legend 4


There are many versions of what Herobrine is, like being a the spirit of a developer’s dead sibling, a vengeful, internet-using spirit, and pretty much everything under the sun. The story goes that Herobrine is a human entity that is able to build and destroy anything in the minecraft world despite not having any reliable resources to work with, but it is said that he often prefers building pyramids and tunnels; a sure sign that Herobrine visited your little world. His movements are rash and unpredictable, and just seeing him, as claimed by those who have, is enough to garner you a hefty laundry bill.

It got even worse when a specific patch of Minecraft included “Herobrine removed.” as one of its bullet points, thus sparking more curiosity and fright from the community. But in truth, Herobrine has never existed. But that’s what them government people want ya to think! It’s a conspiracy!


League of Legends: Nocturnal Nightmares

A riveting tale on how peculiar champions from the famed League of Legends can take a life on its own… as well as take a life. Under the original reddit title of “I don’t want to receive honor anymore”, the story goes that there’s this one player that had a game crash midway for him days before relaying the story, and, to his surprise, received an “honor” from said game, specifically, the “honorable opponent” one. He mused and wondered how that happened and initially dismissed it as some bug or hack, but upon revisiting a recording from his lolreplay he had set up for that match, he regretted ever deciding to look at it.

urban legends 1

Credit to Mr. Rapoz for this scarily awesome image. Please, don’t kill me, Nocturne.

There, he played as Nocturne with a bunch of randoms, but most notable was the opposing team’s Nocturne that, for some reason, was unnamed and stayed motionless in the enemy base for pretty much the entire match. The game proceeded as normally as any match in LoL’s history of grievous solo queues, but soon as the protagonist of this story was ready to level an enemy Soraka with his ultimate, that was when his game crashed. But as it was said above, he checked his replay, and found the horrific surprise that the game went on without him, and his Nocturne kept playing as he would normally do so, recalling back to base and going back to jungling. It came as to even more of a shock to him when he realized that the Soraka his Nocturne had killed with the ulti, never respawned, and she even lacked any countdown timer. It was just blank. “An Ally has been slain,” he would hear soon, as his allied Ezreal, too, was killed, but not by his Nocturne, but the motionless and nameless enemy Nocturne, and his ally also succumbed to Soraka’s fate; a permanent death. Soon after, there were but three players left on the field who were the two Nocturnes and the player’s enemy Diana. He watched helplessly as his avatar chased after her and decimating her just as he did the others. But as soon as Diana bit the dust, the opposing Nocturne stared and stood lifelessly at the sight, but all the while spamming the chatbox with “Kill them all!” over and over again. Suddenly, everything froze; minions, projectiles, miscellaneous animations all stopped, and then the nameless Nocturne approached his and simply remarked, “Thank you for the assistance.” Then the game ended.

Checking on every player that was in the match, our hapless protagonist realized that they never played another match after that one, and still expects to this day that he’ll run across them playing another game, confirming that they’re alright.

It’s freaky shit. It may be freaky bullshit, but, yeah, I’m never solo queueing at night ever again.

World of WTF: Sinners and Children

The immensely popular World of Warcraft even has its own fair share of stories, but these happen to be real. There is an unused dungeon or raid under another raid, Karazhan, that can be only accessed by getting past a locked gate in a building located near its graveyard, but in order to do so, the player has to be a ghost. Yes, you have to be dead first to go through the entrance of one of the creepiest and hidden places in the game. Poetic, to be sure.

Urban Legend 5


Once there, a player is instantly greeted by the Upside-down Sinners, groups of men hung upside-down on chains, rooms with names like “The Tomb of the Unrepentant” and “The Crypt of Criminals”, and other creepy stuff that can make anyone suspicious of why it was never included into the game, and even if there were any plans by Blizzard to complete it, nobody really knows.

urban legend 6

Dot, dot, dot.

Next up, we’ve got the very popular Goldshire Children. As you can tell, they are children and are from the little starting area of Goldshire, where newbies and new characters alike mostly run through the lowbie quests for experience and gold, but all the while are unknowing and unwitting to its creepy little secret. Six children, at a certain point in time, standing in a formation, an unrecognizable one, but in earlier versions of the game, was a pentagram. Sometimes, you can find them trailing along the paths to and through Stormwind, and then back to Goldshire, hardly ever breaking their strange formation. What makes it even creepier is that they even get their own custom music, as the bgm changes when you approach them at a certain distance within the house they are found in. Cthun, a then end-game raid boss, can even be heard whispering something into the ear of any player exposed long enough to these children, and even other noises like banshee wailing. Still, no one knows the real purpose of this place and these things, and we may never know. Or a WoW developer may have talked about this before and explained it, but who gives a shit? Uhh… Spooky!

Counter Strike: Global Offensive To The Senses: The Darkness

Here’s one other awesome ghost story; a CS addict downloads a map linked to him by a friend called “de_darkness”, and he sets up a small and simple match within it. True to its name, the map was in almost complete and utter darkness with only the pale sky and a few streetlamps here and there to light up the area. Splendidly crafted, our hero proceeded to rack up the kills through the many bridges and tunnels of the darkened map, taking advantage of every weary opponent through the sheer darkness. Soon, however, he encountered a strange figure standing in the outskirts of the game map, a place he could not possibly go to. Setting his scope to see it more clearly, it disappeared just as quickly as he noticed it. The match then goes on normally, but he encounters the figure again soon enough. It wore a brown overcoat and matching brown slacks, but the most notable of its appearance was the visage it held. It had dark and round eyes that stared emptily at him, accompanied by a sinister, lipless smile, and, to top it all off, a gray and faded complexion. He spent the entirety of the map trying to kill it, but to no avail, as it toyed with him by pretending to be hurt or by being impossible to approach, no matter how much our hero tried to run at him.

urban legend 3

*Funny or Scary Caption Here*

Eventually, he grew tired of the affair, and shut down is computer. To his surprise, he still saw the figure at the corner of his screen. It crept closer and closer, to a point where it was so close, the figure’s empty, dark eyes and lipless smile encompassed his entire screen. Then, to his horrific realization, he was staring at a reflection.

BOOM! Ahhh!!! I shat my pants!

The story is still way better to read how it was originally written, so I suggest you go take a peek over yonder.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Ruptured: Lacking Damage

Perhaps, the most frightening tale we have in store for you is in FFXIV. Everyone knows how queues for anything are, and there’s always some for of wait for someone or anyone, regardless of one’s class, and especially more so for DPS classes. Good lord knows that the thousand hour wait just to get into something as stupidly simple as Wanderer’s Palace back in the heyday of release was something of a horrifying ordeal. But on one occassion, my own party, complete with a tank and healer, would queue for anything that a light party would, and, normally, you’d expect this to be an insta-pop scenario, right? Wrong. Because when we took a look at Duty Finder, to our horror, we found this:

urban legend 2

Not really my image, but still… IMPOSSIBRU!

The horror! Surely this means Cthulu is to rise  from his ancient slumber and destroy the world! A myth come true! A truly horrific tale of earth-shattering proportions! Where have all the dps gone!? Where!? Maybe the rapture happened and it turns out that tanks and healers are the real assholes, and we have all been misunderstanding dpsers for the longest time!

As I said before, a lot of the things we see or here on the internet, nay, even in real life, as much as absurd they may sound to the logical mind, they are always still loads of fun to hear. What about you? Feel free to share any outlandish and frightening stories at the comments section!

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