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The Tyrian Chronicle: 4 Things You Should Do Before the Living Story Starts Again

There are only a few days left before the first episode of the new season of the living story releases and that means new things to do. But have you finished Path of Fire yet? Is there anything you can do to be prepared for the update? Here are a few things you should do before the living story starts again.

Finish Path of Fire’s Story

Things You Should Do Before the Living Story Starts

If you haven’t already done so, the most important thing you can do is finish Path of Fire’s story. This will put you in the proper position to be ready for the next part of the story. Can you skip PoF’s story? Sure, if you really want to. But you’ll get more out of the next chapter of the story if you’ve done the one that came before. Also if you’ve somehow managed to avoid having the ending of Path of Fire spoiled, you’ll be in for some pretty big spoilers. After all, this is supposed to take place after the events of Path of Fire. So do yourself a favor and finish the story.

If you’ve already finished it once before, it can’t hurt to have a refresher. It’s short enough that you could easily get it done this weekend. Though the other things on this list should take higher priority.


Gather Path of Fire Mastery Points

Unless ArenaNet has decided to drastically change what they put into living story releases, you’re going to need some Path of Fire mastery points. In the previous living story season, the first mastery only cost one mastery point. That should be pretty easy to do since Path of Fire has tons of mastery points available that you don’t need. Will it only be one point again? Possibly, but possibly not. In Path of Fire, we’ve already seen mastery lines that start with needing 2 or 3 points. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume you’ll need 3. What’s the worst that can happen? You can find the mastery points all over the desert. The easiest to get is, of course, the mastery insight points scattered throughout the world. You can find those and many, many more listed in the achievements panel.


Finish Lost Lore Collections

Now that we have the most obvious things out of the way lets take a look at one that is a little more obscure and something you might not have thought of. Each zone in Path of Fire has a Lost Lore book collection. The pages of these books are scattered throughout the zones and once put together, they give a little bit of insight into things that have taken place. They answer questions you may have had after you finished Path of Fire. If you want to make it easy for yourself, Dulfy has put together a guide on how to get each page for every zone. It has certainly saved me while I’m looking for that one last page that seems to be hiding in an obscure place.

If you find yourself wondering if you absolutely must do this, I would say it’s a pretty safe bet that you don’t HAVE to. You won’t be missing out on anything huge if you don’t. These just expand the Path of Fire story and give more context to what is going on in the world. That being said, they are a good read for all those lore hounds out there.


Check out the Dead Bodies

Have you heard about the dead people and the red lady? I never got the chance to talk about it when it first came up but two dead bodies were found in completely different parts of the world. They were killed by skeletons. The bodies themselves are near statues to Grenth and if you’re there at the right time, you’ll see some skeletons. In Lornar’s Pass, the skeletons appear at night and they’re ready for a fight. They’re armed with the traditional sword and board and covered in a dark cloud. In Queensdale, the skeletons appear just before the Shadow Behemoth appears. These skeletons look exactly like those in Lornar’s Pass but they don’t attack and in fact act like allies.

After you’ve completed the Behemoth (which Piken Square calls Beth) a red wisp-like thing floats towards the dead body before disappearing. It has also been noticed that one of the bodies looks very similar to the Human in Hoelbrak who is trying to convert Norn to the human religion. I also noticed that Beth has a new move where she reaches her hand down into the ground and it pops up behind where the players usually stand for the fight.

What’s going on hasn’t been explained yet but the best theories so far are that the underworld is leaking into Tyria, Beth is getting a revamp, or this is gearing up for the next current event. It’s certainly possible that we will find out more in the living story. So why not go check it out? You might find something new.


Featured in Chimes. By Kyla Frank

If you’ve done all these things there is certainly more you could be doing. It never hurts to have more gold, so, if you’re looking for a way to get gold quickly check out the gold guide we made just before Path of Fire launched. Also be sure to check out the sales going on in the gem store and the merch on For Fans By Fans. If you’d like a Guild Wars 2 art book with a Wintersday theme be sure to get your hands on Chimes. It’s being created by fans and all of the proceeds from it will go to Doctors Without Borders. Be sure to place your order for it before December 1st.

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