Throwback Tuesday: Oldest World of Warcraft Screenshots

It’s been a week since World of Warcraft‘s latest release Warlords of Draenor. They have made incredibly big moves in this last quarter, cancelling their seven year Project Titan and announcing the upcoming MMO Overwatch. While we are following these developments with delight, it also tells us how far Blizzard has come since its earliest developments in the MMO genre.

They didn’t set out to publish the biggest MMO ever but that’s exactly what happened. It’s not a perfect game, it hasn’t made perfect choices along the way, but it undeniably inspired to unleash unlimited potential in online gaming to a scale never seen before.

Back to the Beginning

On Imgur we came across some of the earliest screenshots of World of Warcraft, when the game was still in development. The screenshots very much show a work-in-progress, and some are even using the old Warcraft III engine. While the visual style has improved several times since the very beginning, let’s see how much you still recognize!

Some of the places don’t exist in the same way, but can still create a familiar sensation. Maybe for the Vanilla WoW players among us these screenshots even create nostalgic stabs. Yes, I have them. Check them all out in the gallery:

Oldest World of Warcraft Screenshots

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