The Weekly Wizard – A Tour of Ravenwood

If you are a wizard, you’re going to end up in Ravenwood at some point. There are quests that lead there, but unlike many other areas in the game, it’s not a spot that you’re going to clear and then forget about. There are actually many reasons to go back to Ravenwood, just like there are reasons to go back and visit the Commons over and over. In this week’s column we’re going to take a tour of Ravenwood as we look at some of the buildings as well as some of the important characters you’ll meet there.


The Buildings of Ravenwood

Girls/Boys Dormitories

If you haven’t purchased a house from the crown store there’s a good chance you’re going to stop by the dormitories, which are separated by genders. This is your very own room: you don’t have to pay for it, though it is a bit simplistic. You have access to your bank via a chest by the door, there is a bed in the center, and a lot of blank space for decorating if you’re into that. You can place objects in there just as you would a regular house, including banners for your class. It’s not a bad spot, but it does seem a bit small after owning a premium castle plot. For free players, this is probably a pretty nice addition to the game.


Ravenwood Girl’s Dormitory

School of Storm
The School of Storm is presided over by Halston Balestrom and as expected, he sells storm spells.If you buy any of these, don’t forget to add them to your deck, and if your deck isn’t big enough, you can always buy a larger one at the Baazar in Olde Town.

School of Ice
Yep, you guessed it, the school of ice is the spot to buy ice spells from Lydia Greyrose, all class specific but useable in your deck if you wish to multiclass with your wizard.

Just as with the storm school, you can’t buy all of these at once, they require training points, and some of them are restricted by level. Colossus, for example, cannot be used until level 42.

School of Fire
You would be hard pressed to actually miss this one. The fire school, run by Dalia Falmea is literally on fire from the outside. Top up on your fire spells here, all the way up to level 42.

School of Death
Okay, this one is a bit funny, to say the least. After Malistaire departed there was apparently an incident and the Death school was literally destroyed, along with the chunk of Ravenwood that it occupied. If you were to go there right now you would find Malorn Ashthorn standing in front of a gaping hold in the ground with the exposed spiral beneath. Don’t worry, you can still purchase spells from her just as you would any of the other teachers. In other words, the school is fully functional, it just looks funny.


The Death School

School of Myth
Cyrus Drake runs the myth school, providing spells like Blood Bat, Ether Shield, and Earthquake for the higher level wizards.

School of Life
Ah yes, this one is my school. Moolinda Wu, our favorite bovine instructor, is selling spells and keeping the life energy going (and let’s face it, we need all the healers we can get in this game). More importantly, we need players who actually remember to play their healing spells.


Life School

School of Balance
Once again we have another interesting school, this one run on a street corner by Arthur Wethersfield. It seems that the school of Balance doesn’t actually have a physical location, but you can still buy spells like Scarab, Weakness, and Power Play.

The Trees of Ravenwood

Ravenwood has the schools, as you already know, but did you know that each school has a living tree that acts as a vendor? Each tree corresponds to the school’s element, and each one has a different name. Most amusingly, each tree is given a name that relates to the element they are assigned to. For example, the ‘Fire Tree’ is called ‘Bernie’ which is a play on ‘Burney’ or ‘Burning’.

Torrence – Storm Tree

Kelvin – Ice Tree

Bernie – Fire Tree

Ivan – Myth Tree

Blossom – Life Tree

The Death School does not seem to have a tree, most likely because it was lost when the school collapsed into the Spiral, or because they didn’t want the players to be traumatized by a tree named ‘Deathie’ or something.

Bartleby – The Grandfather Tree
At the center of Ravenwood you will find Bartleby, the Grandfather Tree. During your initial trip through this area you will hold a dialogue with him in which he explains that his sister, the Great Raven provided him two eyes, one to see into the past, the other to see into the future, but the Eye of History was recently stolen by Malistaire. That aside, Bartleby will explain to you how he and Merle Ambrose brought the spiral into existence as a last ditch effort to save the universe as they knew it.

If that doesn’t interest you, then you may be curious to know that once the correct quest chain is completed, you will be able to pass through Bartleby’s mouth and into the Wizard City Spiral Chamber. We find this spot to be pretty interesting, actually, as it provides a portal to virtually every location in the Spiral that you have access to. Fun fact: if you walk to the ‘Death School’ side of Ravenwood, you can see Bartleby’s roots exposed to the Spiral.


Grandfather Tree

All in all, Ravenwood is a pretty exciting place. Not only does it house all of the schools, it has all of the crafting stations, spells, and the Spiral Chamber which allows you to go anywhere and everywhere. Whether you’re a new wizard or an old hat, you’re going to come to Ravenwood at some point, and you’re going to use the instructors to advance your class. If nothing else, stop by to see your dormitory!

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