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Sadness and Secrets in the World of Warcraft Broken Shore Event

World of Warcraft: Legion’s pre-expansion event went live this week and the demon invasions have been keeping players fairly busy in a world that suddenly feels populated. However, it’s the Broken Shore event that has everyone aflutter.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

World of Warcraft is known for it’s incredible, cinematic cut scenes that help drive the story along or close out an important chapter, but in all my years of playing I’ve never known so many players – myself included! – to be reduced to such emotional bundles of mess after watching these latest creations from Blizzard’s cinematic team.

King Varian Wrynn faces his final battle during the World of Warcraft Broken Shore event.

King Varian Wrynn faces his final battle during the Broken Shore event.

The scene where King Varian Wrynn dies is brutal. Both Alliance and Horde players weep over his horrific death and swear merciless vengeance upon his murderer, Gul’dan, who is now quite possibly the most hated orc in World of Warcraft history. As a member of the Alliance, I reeled in horror as the Horde appeared to abandon us on the battlefield, but this is where it’s important to watch from the Horde’s perspective too.

Demons are flanking the Horde, Warchief Vol’jin falls and even Thrall is wandering in a daze. This requires Sylvanas to make the difficult decision to fallback. Allow me to say here, publicly, that I understand and forgive you, Horde. We shall have our revenge.

Gul'dan in World of Warcraft Broken Shore

The most hated Orc in Azeroth.

World of Warcraft Broken Shore Event

Now that story time is over, let’s get into the Broken Shore scenario itself, for there are actually some important things to bear in mind before venturing forth to the front line.

As introductions to new expansions go, this one is a keeper. It does well to impress upon players the scale of the evil forces that are threatening Azeroth, with notable characters leading the charge in the Broken Shore. The zone is literally a fel wasteland occupied by Burning Legion structures, spaceships and troops. There’s a sense of urgency as players progress through the scenario, in which more than one well-known NPC dies. The end result is far from the victory both Alliance and Horde leaders were expecting, and players are left champing at the bit to get into Legion proper and kick more demon butt.

As with demon invasions – discussed in a previous article – there are some exclusive items to be obtained, many of which had been kept secret right up until the event went live. It’s still early, though, so let’s go through those items now.

Fel energy spews forth from World of Warcraft Broken Shore

Here, there be demons.


First of all, there are special vendors that are only available once you have the quest to head to the Broken Shore, and before you actually get there. For Alliance players, an NPC named lenny “Fingers” McCoy stands on the Stormwind docks selling a ‘Lucky Shirt,’ which is a cosmetic item featuring a model of another shirt that had become inaccessible.

Horde players will be able to visit Ravika and Fo’rum the Postmaker, standing in Durotar near the dock at Bladefist Bay. These NPCs sell patch 5.4’s invisible Troll Shoes and a number of toys. Be sure to get these items now while you still can.

There is another obtainable item that involves looting a ‘charred locket’ during the broken Shore scenario, and is particularly notable not just because it allows players to change the appearance of any armor-type head item into a cloth hood, but for the story surrounding it. Please note that only Alliance players can loot this item, but once you have it, the appearance is available to your Horde characters as well.

Alaina Hearthsong World of Warcraft Broken Shore

The tragic tale of Alaina Hearthsong.

Alliance, before you get on board the ship that is to take you into demonic hell, check the docks for a family there to wave off one of the soldiers: Alaina Hearthsong and her two small children. They have some dialogue that goes something like this:

Ella (little girl): “Momma, is daddy coming home soon?

Alaina: “Yes baby, he’ll be home before you know it.”

Sam (little boy): “I’ll protect you, Ella! I’ve got a sword and everything!”

Alaina: “Sam! Where did you get that stick? Put it down, it’s dirty.”

When you return from the Broken Shore with the locket, take it to Alaina’s home in the Eastvale logging camp, located in Elwynn Forest. When you speak with her, she asks if you have news of her husband, Cedric. Handing her the charred locket delivers the heartbreaking news that her husband died on the battlefield and will not be returning home.

Leave Alaina to her grief by exiting the house and traveling a short distance away. Return once more to find the house empty, and Alaina dead upstairs, having apparently taken her own life. The children, who were previously seen running around the house, are nowhere to be found.

At the foot of Alaina’s bed is a lootable chest, and inside it you’ll find the cosmetic item Alaina’s bonnet. Congratulations, you now have a dead lady’s hat and who knows what happened to poor Sam and Ella!

New Dalaran World of Warcraft Broken Shore

Dalaran floats above…Karazhan?

So now that we’ve experienced the Broken Shore scenario, what’s next? Well, WoW game designer Jeremy Feasel has teased on twitter that new quests will appear each week leading up to Legion’s launch, starting with Karazhan next week. He also mentioned quests involving Magni, Khadgar, Ulduar and a mobile Dalaran, a floating city currently found in Northrend that can actually be seen above Karazhan (a 10-man raid from the days of the Burning Crusade) by players who have completed the Broken Shore. It can even be explored should you choose to fly up high enough, just don’t expect to find everything and everyone there yet.

Legion is expected to begin on August 30 with an in-game sequence showing Dalaran ‘blink’ to the Broken Isles. Have no fear, though, for Northrend’s Dalaran shall continue to reside above Crystalsong Forest for those playing through Wrath of the Lich King content. As for what could be in store for Ulduar, I can actually say that, for once, I have no idea!

I do hope everyone is enjoying this magical pre-expansion time in the World of Warcraft. I know I am. Stay tuned, more content is on the way!

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