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World of Warcraft Legion Pre-Patch Events Misinformation Roundup

Last week, Blizzard Entertainment launched the Legion pre-patch events for their latest expansion, World Of Warcraft: Legion. With this event there has been a large amount of misinformation. This has been compounded by a number of hot patches and changes that have been hard to predict. We are here to clear up the misinformation and ensure that you can fully enjoy these events.

WoW Legion Pre-Patch Events -Demons

Legion Pre-Patch Events – Caster Weapons

There have been a number of issues with gear dropping, the most common of which involves the caster staff, Staff Of Inquisition. Upon launch, it was noted that all of the weapons available are of the one handed variety, but on the PTR this staff was available. Data mining indicates that it should be available within the game, but conflicting answers have been given from GMs and WoW developers. This has had the side effect of leaving the WoW community confused.

Compounding this issue is the lack of offhands or shields, leaving classes without a dual wield ability feeling that they are at a significant disadvantage. Blizzard has not officially addressed this concern outside of a few GM responses. However, it has pulled all mention of the staff off the main website. This has prompted speculation that positive GM responses about the staff were merely misinformed or were given before the decision was made to pull the item from the game.

WoW Legion Pre Patch Events GM Staff Response

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Next came issues with the Warglaives. These are one of three warglaive sets currently in the game, with one set not available until the official launch of Legion. This makes them highly sought after, and has resulted in them undergoing a number of changes through hot fixes. Initially they had a rather high drop rate, and could be picked up on any class. Their BOA nature led to people farming them on their mains, rather than playing their Demon Hunters in the Legion pre-patch events. Many people noted that they were getting glaives more often than drops that they actually needed to play their class. This led to Blizzard hot patching the glaives, making them only drop in chests for Demon Hunters and reducing their overall drop rates as well.

Despite these changes, they have remained BOA and are still available for purchase from the vendors near any invasion. This makes it easy to farm them without a Demon Hunter. There is speculation that they will be changed to BOP towards the end of the invasion, as they are the only weapon currently available for purchase from the vendor.

Upgrade Item Changes

In Addition, Coalesced Fel has undergone some changes as well. Initially these upgrade items were account bound, making it easy to transfer them between characters. However, this meant many people had item level 725 weapons within an hour of the patch coming out. This was making it hard for anyone with fewer characters to compete with. It also meant players were done with the invasions quite quickly, leaving the zones less populated than Blizzard had hoped.

Blizzard quickly fixed this with a hot patch within a few hours, making it so you must now play on the character you are hoping to upgrade. The only exception is the Demon Hunter glaives, which can be passed around from character to character. This allows you to upgrade them quickly and with very little hassle. However, these upgrade items are available from the invasion vendors, making upgrading your gear easy, even if you have horrible luck with drops.

Chest Drops

It is also worth noting that every chest can be saved until you hit level 100 before being opened. The chests determine the item level of gear at the time they are opened, not when they drop. If you level up this way you can open 20 or more chests, giving you a full set of gear as soon as you hit max level!

Experience Gains

Initially the event gave very little in the way of experience, with mobs giving around 10 Exp, and phases giving nothing. This led to most people only playing on their mains. This was a problem since the event is scaled for players to be able to participate at every level. This led to Blizzard changing the Legion pre-Patch events with another hot fix. Now they award an impressive amount of experience for each stage. Most people who logged on the first day still think that the events don’t give very much exp. This has led to them avoiding the events. I can assure you that is not the case. The video below shows just how easy it is to level alts this way. With many players going form level 10 to 100 within a day or two.

You must be level 10 to begin any of the invasions. Zoning into an area with an active invasion before that will simply put you in an empty phase.

The amount that you get depends on the gear you are wearing, your level, your participation, and any performance enhancements you choose to utilize. However, I was getting 3 levels per invasion below level 30, 2 levels below level 50, 1 level below level 80, and between 40-60% of a level from that point onward. I was wearing between 1-7 pieces of heirloom gear on each character, and I also used the Excess Potion Of Accelerated Learning as my characters hit level 91. Over the course of the week, I have gotten 5 different characters to level 100 and am approaching this benchmark on two others as well.

On August 16, the experience gained per invasion was again adjusted down. This means you need to complete a few more invasion on each character to level. However, this came along with a change with the spawn rate of invasions. Now players receive more experience per invasion cycle, but must participate in more invasions than before.

With all these changes, it isn’t surprising that social media and in-game channels have been filled with speculation on the different exp rates!

Rate of Spawn

One of the most hotly debated aspects of the Legion pre-patch events has actually been changing throughout the event. This is the rate at which the invasions spawn, and the locations where they spawn. When the event first came out, players had a number of theories. Three of the most popular were that the invasions would always be up, would be a one time deal, or were even determined when you logged in on your character. Thankfully, none of this is true, and the real answer is much simpler.

WoW Legion Pre-Patch Events -Spawn Locations

The events spawn on a 4 hour schedule, at 12, 4, and 8 PST. In the beginning they spawned at two different locations every 4 hours. The possible locations were Hillsbrad Foothills, Dun Morag, Westfall, Azshara, Northern Barrens, and Tanaris. Each of these invasions stayed up for the full 4 hours, only allowing players to complete them once for experience or gear. With the patch on August 16, the spawn rate has gone up to 3 locations every 4 hours. Allowing players better access to spawn locations, which have remained the same. This gives you more chances for loot, experience, and in-game currency.

The event will continue spawning more and more invasions as the event continue. Leading up to all six locations being available around the clock the week before Legion officially launches.

Levels of Participation Needed

Initially, most people believed that you must participate fully in each stage or you wouldn’t get experience. This has been proven to be untrue. Instead, you must merely be in the zone to get experience. This is convenient if you are a low level on a PvP server, as you can sit near the vendor and still collect experience and gear.

WoW Legion Pre-Patch Events -Vendor

There have been a number of mobs that give higher than normal experience throughout the event as well. When the first hot fix was applied, none of the mobs were giving more than 200 exp per kill. However, with the latest hot patch, many of the non-elites and elites can give up to 8,000 experience a kill. This experience is contingent on not being in a party, and depending on the invasion, the mobs that give the best experience are different. For the most part, abyssals and fel guards give the most experience. Basic demons, fel hunters, and other mobs can largely be ignored. The named elites also can be ignored in terms of experience. However, they still push phases faster, so killing them may be better overall for exp gains.


You can easily level up your characters, fully gear them, learn more about the upcoming expansion, and dive into the game world with these events. There are a large number of opportunities to play with friends and bring back a community aspect many players have missed. The dynamic timing of events makes them convenient no matter what time you are online. This might be the first time that Blizzard has actually managed to make an event that takes into account everyone’s playstyle, free time, and gear levels.

Keeping an eye out on patch notes, the GM forums, and various social media sources will help you keep up with changes and hot fixes. It seems likely that Blizzard will continue to change the event over the next few weeks, leading up to the official launch of Legion. However, the overall scheme of the events will remain the same. This gives you a great chance to get back into the game and to test out the new talents, gearing system, and mechanics.

I for one am looking forward to the new expansion and everything it brings.

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