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WoW Wednesday: Seething Shore

As someone who spends most of their time in battlegrounds nowadays, I can’t explain how excited I was when Blizzard announced its new Battleground, Seething Shore, at BlizzCon 2017. Deepwind Gorge was the last Battleground to be released and that was four years ago. Blizzard did announce that Seething Shore will be released in the upcoming Patch 7.3.5. We were able to test it out during a scheduled testing event this past week. Sadly there is no official release date for Patch 7.3.5, but there is speculation that is will be some time around mid-January. Now let’s go through what you should expect when queuing for Seething Shore.

Seething Shore is a 10vs10 player battleground off the coast west of Silithus. A quote directly from Blizzard “This Battleground will offer dynamic control point gameplay similar to Arathi Basin, but with new control points appearing periodically as resources are depleted.” Each faction is fighting to control this new material Azerite that is erupting onto its surface.



Prior to the Battleground starting, each faction will be placed on their own Airship similar to how Strand of the Ancients starts off on boats. Once the battle begins all players will jump off their airships and parachute down onto the battlefield. When you jump a vehicle button will appear, and when used it will thrust you forward in the direction you are facing. Don’t worry about having to activate your parachute; when you’re close enough to the ground it will automatically activate itself bringing you safely down to the ground taking no fall damage.

This feature will definitely bring some unique strategies to the table when players get the Seething Shore for a Rated Battleground, but in Random Battlegrounds don’t be shocked when you see a few teammates flying directly into the opposing faction only to instantly die. Blizzard also made the airships your team’s graveyard as well, which I think is awesome for the sole reason of not getting graveyard camped like most other Battlegrounds. This will allow your fallen teammates to parachute back into battle where your team currently is located.

Seething Shore



The goal for this Battleground is to be the first team to collect 1500 Azerite resources. When looking at the map there are 12 different locations the Azerite nodes can spawn at. The locations that the nodes can spawn at will never change, but where the Azerite nodes spawn is random.  Before a node spawns you will get a warning text that will read “Azerite fissures begin to erupt!” Once you receive the warning you will also be able to see the spawn location on your map, there will also be a giant green light shining on the spawning location.

Once the Azerite node has fully spawned players will be able to start their attempt to mine the Azerite for points. Mining an Azerite node is just like trying to capture a flag in Arathi Basin. Players will get a neat mining animation while trying to capture the node. It takes about 6 seconds to capture an Azerite node. Any amount of players can try capturing, but only one will get credit for doing so.

During the battle, each faction’s airship will start airdrops that contain all the buffs we have already seen in previous Battlegrounds. An audio queue will happen right before the airdrop and you will be able to see where it’s dropping giving you some time to get there before another player takes it. Personally, I am not a fan of the rng part of the airdrops I like to know what buffs I’m going to get and where they spawn, but that’s just me.

Seething Shore


Personal Experience

Before I go into how my experience was with the Seething Shore, I want you to keep in mind that this is still in PTR. Anything about this Battleground could change at any moment until it is fully released in Patch 7.3.5. Now I personally enjoyed this Battleground… maybe a little too much. The best way I can describe how I felt during this Battleground is it felt like world PvP to me. Without there being static bases that players have to sit at and guard it allows more free roaming, which leads to more fights and who doesn’t love killing the opposing faction. There is a bit of a downside to this and that’s the one thing everyone hates “Road Warriors.” Those players that ignore the objective and just fight on the road all game and I’m sad to say that I caught myself doing that more often than not in this Battleground.

I only have one negative thing about this Battleground so far and it’s only the RNG buffs that come from the airdrops. I think it’s a neat idea, but I like knowing what buff I’m going to pick up and when it is going to spawn. One negative thing I can see happening when it comes to Rated Battlegrounds is the random spawns for the Azerite Nodes. Your team could be fighting over one node while two more can spawn right behind the opposing team giving them two easy and quick captures while your team is still fighting over one node. This scenario actually happened a few times; it’s not a big deal in Random Battlegrounds, but when it comes to ranked it might get a bit frustrating. Besides that, I’m excited to see what kind of strategies the top Rated Battleground players will come up with.

Seething Shore

Other than that, I can’t wait to play some more of the Seething Shore again. So far I am beyond happy with what Blizzard has given us. Let us know what you think about this new Battleground in the comments down below: did you like it, hate it, or are you wishing they would balance PvP before adding new maps?

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