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Allods to Enter Closed Beta Testing

Gala-Net, Inc. has announced their first Closed Beta Test (CBT) for Allods Online in the North American market. The first CBT will run from November 10th through November 24th and will allow players to play both League and Empire factions, all 28 classes, and levels 1 through 10. Allods Online is a revolutionary sci-fi fantasy MMORPG developed by Astrum Nival, creators of Heroes of Might & Magic V, with a $12 million development budget and four years of development. Two warring factions, League and Empire, vie for control of allods-islands floating in Astral space.

The truly unique aspect of Allods Online is the Astral ship system. Players can create their own ships which can be crewed by multiple parties where each player has a distinct role, from navigator and helmsman to gunner and besieger. From there, players can explore randomly generated astral space where they can explore uncharted allods, fight massive Astral demons, and engage in Astral piracy on unwary fellow players.

The game features an unprecedented amount of content for a free-to-play MMORPG: 2 factions, 6 races, 8 archetypes, 28 classes, and over 1,500 quests. The production values are top-notch with full motion-capture animation, top award-winning artists, and a soundtrack by Mark Morgan, composer for the hit TV-series Dexter, Fallout & Fallout 2, and Planescape: Torment. “Allods Online is a landmark in the landscape of free-to-play MMORPGs. This is the first MMORPG with top-tier production values reflected in every aspect of the game, from the motion-captured animations and orchestral soundtrack to comprehensive gameplay features, from astral ship exploration and raiding, to instance dungeons, professions, and full PvP. We are confident the MMO community will be thrilled with the quality and content of Allods Online.” – Patrick Paik, Marketing Manager, Gala-Net, Inc.



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