Beast and Jubilee Join the Marvel Heroes Roster

The roster of Marvel Heroes is growing once more with the arrival of Beast and Jubilee, two characters from the world-famous X-Men comic universe. Beast will bring his skills as a directly playable character, while Jubilee will arrive as a Team-Up.

As the 60th playable character to the game, Beast brings his feral agility as well as his superior intelligence to fights. His skills involve the use of his unique fighting style as well as a variety of his own personal inventions including the X-Jet. He is also able to use skills that involve the aid of other X-Men such as Archangel, Nightcrawler and Jean Grey.

Speaking of aid from other X-Men, Jubilee is also available as a Team-Up character. Her mutant ability to summon plasmoid “fireworks” will provide players with explosive ranged support.

The update is the first character-driven one since the launch of The Biggest Systems Update Ever in January. “Beast and Jubilee has been a true passion project for our team,” says Gazillion CEO Dave Dohrmann. “Today’s debut marks a return to focus on creating new content and bringing even more beloved characters from the Marvel Universe to life.”

Beast and Jubilee are available in-game now, and a trailer showing off the new additions can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Two of the most understated X-Men are finally available, and we’re definitely happy to see them. Dr. McCoy AKA Beast is certainly one of the more fascinating characters in the canon, and his unique bestial and scientific talents should make smashing bad guys incredibly fun. While Jubilee being a Team-Up character might be a little bit of a downer, she’s always been one to support others from the back anyway, so it’s just as well. We can’t wait to play!

Your Thoughts

Have you tried out Beast and Jubilee? Do you have yet another character to level up, or did something about these new additions underwhelm you? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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