Black Desert Awakened Weapons Revealed

A recent video of Black Desert Online discusses new details regarding awakened weapons, specifically for the Warrior, and the Harpy Queen world boss.

Every class will receive its own awakened weapon and each one will likely have its own back story. The Warrior’s greatsword follows the story of Goyen’s mercenaries. Goyen was a great swordsman who wielded a massive greatsword as tall as a man.

His mercenaries met with an emissary from Dandel-lion kingdom who promised them knighthood for helping them in war. Instead, the mercenaries were betrayed and left to die as a distraction for Dandel-lion’s main force. Goyen was slain on the battlefield, but his greatsword was never recovered. From that day on, the remaining members of his group swore an oath to find their leader’s weapon.

Once players reach level 56 in Black Desert they will be able to receive the awakened weapon quest from their Black Spirit. The Warrior storyline features 7 main quests and 3 options side quests, and players should be able to complete the quests alone. After completion, Warriors will receive the Mercenary’s Steel Greatsword and three new skills from the Mysterious Knight NPC.

In addition to the new awakened weapons, the new world boss Karanda is being introduced. Karanda is the only female harpy who lays eggs and commands great loyalty from the other harpies. Players who are able to slay her will receive a Dandel-lion weapon box, which contains a powerful class-specific awakened weapon.

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