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Blizzard announces changes being made to Hearthstone

Blizzard thanks everybody for playing testing and offering feedback on their beloved online trading card game Hearthstone, as they have transitioned from closed to open beta. The release, they say, will be arriving soon. They also stated that, during the beta until it goes live, they will be making very little changes to the game, in terms of balance, unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. In this case, I think they were right by nerfing the next cards. Here’s what they did:

Tinkmaster Overspark

This card is going up to a 3 / 3 card (up from 2 / 2) and now reads: Battlecry: Transform another random minion into a 5 / 5 Devilsaur or a 1 / 1 Squirrel.What the card was used for was it’s targeted battlecry, but now it has become random, I believe this card has sort of been rendered useless for most decks. People would run this card in their decks as a cheap way to get rid of high value targets, by either turning them into a Squirrel, or if they’re less fortunate, a nasty Devilsaur.

Tinkmaster Hearthstone

Nat Pagle

Nat Pagle is also receiving a nerf. This card has changed from being able to draw a card 50% of the time at the end of your turn, to at the start of your next turn. This diminishes his drawing power, and should make him less of an obvious card to be in your deck. Pagle was a pretty strong card, even without him dealing any damage. His 2 mana cost and 4 health meant people would throw everything at him just to make him not draw any more cards, which would put you in the advantage if you had Pagle in play.

Nat Pagle Hearthstone

Some additional changes are being made to ranked play as well. After the next patch, bonus stars will be received for players who performed well during the last reset of the game. This means that you don’t have to start from scratch if you performed exceedingly well in before the reset. Also, expert cards that are changed during the upcoming patch and disenchanted during the limited time when the patch goes up, will be rewarded the full amount of arcane dust.

Okay, what do you guys think of these changes? I believe that Nat Pagle had it coming, he was too strong and obvious of a card to pick for any deck, unless you have rushdeck going. The Tinkmaster change was kind of a surprise to me. I don’t think people will be picking him for their decks any time soon, the battlecry seems to random.

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