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Blizzard Denies Allegations Concerning Legion Subscriber Numbers

Last night, rumors of Legion subscriber numbers reaching 10M started flooding the WoW-related forums, due to  a translation of an interview Tom Chilton had with Polish magazine Pixel appeared on Reddit and NeoGAF. Tom Chilton had allegedly stated, in a very open manner, that current subscriber numbers were around 10M and that in time they might even surpass their highest ever peak, 12M.

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Soon enough, Blizzard came forward with an official statement denying such information being given by Tom Chilton. According to Blizzard, the information published was “a misquote, or some kind of misunderstanding on the part of the journalist” since the company already made it clear in late 2015 that subscriber numbers would not be discussed anymore. At the time, subscriber numbers had dropped to 5.5M and many used it as an omen to predict the MMO’s fall.


Our Thoughts:

We’re not sure what to think of all this, as we were already quite surprised to read this information last night considering Blizzard had officially announced not publishing subscriber numbers anymore. It could be that the whole misunderstanding was based between the difference between “subscribers” and “active users” but Blizzard’s reply doesn’t leave much room for wiggling in spite of neither confirming nor denying the allegation and simply dismissing it.

Whatever the truth, even though confirming an amount of subscribers as high as 10M would be great news, it’s admirable that Blizzard chooses to stick with their decision instead of feeding the hype or going along with it. And it certainly cannot be denied that Legion is an extremely popular expansion as its track record so far went to show. It was also probably the most successful and “painless” in the history of World of Warcraft expansion launches. So while we agree that subscriber numbers are not necessarily the most reliable metric, a sudden increase would not be unexpected.

Your Thoughts:

Do you think this really was a misquote or could the information have really slipped? What are your thoughts about Legion’s player numbers being on the rise? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PCGamesN

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