Blizzcon 2014: Heroes of the Storm Exhibition Tournament Scores

Heroes of the Storm Exhibition

Blizzcon featured an exclusive look at Heroes of the Storm closed beta last weekend with a professional exhibition tournament. Semifinals consisted of two best-of-three matches, and finals consisted of one best-of-five match. It was an exciting exhibition that helped legitimize Heroes of the Storm as a serious competitive MOBA. Here are the final scores of the tournament.



Evil Geniuses vs. Fnatic

Final Score: 2-0, Evil Geniuses

 Evil Geniuses was excited for its first exhibition game; it had been a long time coming. During a pregame interview, one player said, “We have been together for a while now. We have been practising for months now. These are the fruits of our labor…. I think we’re the best.” And he was right. Game one was exciting. Even though Fnatic controlled the early and the mid phases, Evil Geniuses pushed back hard in the late game. The second game was also fun to watch. Evil Geniuses won the match up 2-0.


Cloud 9 vs. Team Liquid

Final Score: 2-1, Cloud 9

 The second match between Team Liquid and Cloud 9 was intense. Both teams showed a lot of confidence in pregame interviews. “We are five winners,” said one Team Liquid player. “We got this,” replied a player from Cloud 9. And both teams were right to be confident. The match was close. In the end, though, Cloud 9 came out victorious. The final score was 2-1, Cloud 9.


Evil Geniuses vs. Cloud 9

Final Score: 3-0, Cloud 9

 The third match was a blowout. Although Evil Geniuses tried to keep up with Cloud 9, they were no match for the eSports veterans. Cloud 9 swept the finals 3-0.


All in all, the Heroes of the Storm Exhibition Tournament was a fun look at Blizzard’s new MOBA. HotS has a lot of history behind it, dating back to the genre’s roots in Starcraft and Warcraft III. The art is beautiful, and the game has introduced a lot of new challenges and concepts that offer a unique take on the traditional MOBA. From the Garden of Terror to Cursed Hollow, Heroes of the Storm is a solid game. Congratulations to Cloud 9 on its first ever professional HotS victory. The future for Blizzard looks as bright as ever. Closed beta begins on January 13, 2015.

Congratulations to Cloud 9 on their victory.

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