Bungie Reveals New Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Details in Livestream

Bungie held its first Curse of Osiris livestream last night and, as one would expect, it was loaded with lots of new information for Destiny 2 fans, including a look at the new social hub, the new patrol zone of Mercury, and details about upcoming raid content for the expansion.

curse of osiris livestream

The first part of the stream was all about the narrative for Curse of Osiris and some of the things players can expect to see and learn. The story of Curse of Osiris takes place a few months after the end of the Red War, where it was explained that the Traveler’s awakening accidentally helped set a Vex plan in motion on the planet. It was also hinted that we’ll learn the motivations of Osiris as well as the greater plan of the Vex.

Part of that plan is linked to the Infinite Forest, an immense simulation machine built into the hollowed core of the planet Mercury itself. Within the Forest, the Vex can simulate any number of outcomes past, present, and future, including a “dark future” where there’s no light or darkness and the Vex have taken over everything. The Dark Forest area itself will randomly change every time players step in, but will not be a procedurally generated instance, with hand-designed parts of the level that phase in to create a different experience every time a mission takes you there.

curse of osiris live stream

The Lighthouse will serve as the new social hub, which Brother Vance has opened to all. As a result, he will be the primary NPC for the Mercury zone and will offer reputation Engrams with a Power level of 304 to start. The Lighthouse also features a unique weapon forge linked to several different weapons that players can create. Each weapon is associated with a unique quest available post-campaign, though no other details where offered beyond that.

As for Mercury itself, it will have the expected things one would find in any open world zone in Destiny 2, including Patrols, Adventures, Lost Sectors, and public events. One such event was described as a “bespoke” event built specifically to take advantage of the Mercury zone and was said to be “the largest public event to date”. Lost Sectors will also be hidden from the map during the expansion’s campaign, but can still be found if you explore and will be visible on the zone map once the Osiris campaign is finished.

curse of osiris livestream

The stream closed out with additional information about the new end game content arriving with Osiris. Of particular note, the Heroic Strikes Playlist will be making a comeback and appears to be the best bridge between current endgame activities and the raids, as the Playlist’s recommended Power level is 270.

As for raids themselves, Curse of Osiris will be introducing a new Raid Lair which takes place on another level of the Leviathan world-eater ship. This new raid was explained as being shorter than the regular raid but still offering a similar level of challenge, with puzzles, traps, and a boss fight at the end to look forward to. Naturally, the Raid Lair will have lots of new gear to collect. As for the Leviathan raid currently available, that will see its Power level and rewards raised as well in order to keep it relevant.

Beyond the new Raid Lair, the devs are planning on having Guided Games for both Leviathan and the new raid, and will have a Prestige version of the Raid Lair later. There will also be a second Raid Lair, but that will arrive with Expansion 2, due sometime in the Spring of 2018.

Our Thoughts

That is a lot to look forward to! It would appear that the devs are paying heed to the oft-parroted criticism of how Destiny 2 has nothing to do at end game, with a second raid, a rise of the Leviathan raid, and whatever these new quests are that let you forge these new weapons. Whether those sound like fun or another series of annoying grinds, though, is pretty dependent on one’s enjoyment of Destiny 2 overall, perhaps.

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