CCP And Nexon Bringing EVE To Japan

After talks with TianCity to distribute EVE Online in China, CCP has now set its sights on Japan. The developer of EVE has announced that they will be bringing a localized version to Japan, allowing them to play with the rest of the world in their own language. Currently the MMO is available in English, German and Russian but the addition of localized languages for Japan and China will allow more players to enjoy EVE without requiring multi-lingual talents.

MMOGames EVE Online Screenshot

It has been announced that Nexon will aid CCP in acquiring Japanese players and stimulating growth in the region. While CCP will handle customer service and other game-related services, Nexon will handle billing and distribution. EVE Online’s localized version for Japan is set to go live on March 28th, 2012 (March 29th in Tokyo). 

With reports of rapid growth from the company worldwide, this partnership with Nexon will hopefully boost the activity of the Japanese EVE community on Tranquility. As a sandbox MMO, more players equals more fun, bring it on!

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