CCP Staff Hanging Out in EVE Online

EVE online isn’t exactly an easy game to get in to. It has a steep learning curve that for some is outright brutal. CCP games is attempting to alleviate some of the confusion and frustration new players might have by answering your questions in game. Next week, new and returning players alike can find CCP staff members hanging out in the rookie help channel. they will be helping new players by and even be flying to local systems.

In Addition to the event CCP has published a new player help guide. the new guide is a pretty decent read and offers some helpful information to help ease beginner pilots in to the game. Players returning to EVE might also find it useful for brushing up on some of the new changes and finer points of the game. To read the guide for yourself, check out the blog post on the official website.


From CCP games.

As well as these resources, over the coming week, members of CCP Staff will be on hand to assist you in the rookie help channel, and in some instances in local too! We’ll be making a tour of New Eden now and then to see how new players are getting along with their first steps in the world of EVE. You can identify members of CCP staff by the prefix “CCP” before our names, and blue text in chat windows.

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