Check Out Star Wars: The Old Republic This Weekend

Did you miss out on your Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Key? Don’t worry, the guys here at has you covered and we are going to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the action. Registrations for beta closed last week and even if you have a key now, if it wasn’t already activated then you will not be playing this weekend. For those who missed out on their chance, this Friday through to Monday you will still have the chance to experience the game right here at We will be holding live streaming sessions, uploading gameplay videos and writing multiple previews for readers and viewers alike to feast their eyes on.

MMO Games Star Wars The Old Republic Bounty Hunter Screenshot

Check below for more information on how to find the coverage you are after:

The livestream will go live for a lengthy session each day of the beta test, announcements of when the broadcast is live will be announced through our Facebook and Twitter.

Gameplay Videos
We will be uploading various gameplay videos captured throughout the weekend to our Youtube channel in HD. (Don’t forget to subscribe)

Previews & Articles
We will be writing various previews and articles over the weekend which can all be read right here on the site.

Live Tweets
I will be doing some live tweeting throughout the beta through both my personal twitter and the MMOGames twitter. Feel free to tweet us with any questions throughout the weekend if you aren’t able to watch the livestream.

We look forward to seeing you in the livestream chat and/or on twitter, feel free to comment below if there is any content you have been dying to see or any info you would like to find out. We will do our best to cover each question over the weekend, stay tuned!

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