City of Steam Arkadia

City of Steam is Shutting Down This Month

Browser based Steampunk game City of Steam is shutting down this month. Life has never been easy for City of Steam, the little indie darling rose in popularity in 2013 and was placed on Steam Greenlight in 2014. It was picked up by R2Games as their publisher, however things weren’t smooth sailing there and they soon parted ways.

City of Steam Arkadia

Back on their own Mechanist Games never seemed to pick up steam again (pardon the pun). They struggled with being labeled pay to win and in the West were never able to shake the negative image it gained through its life.

For anyone who has followed the game throughout its life the shutdown is no surprise sadly. Though they certainly put up a good fight.

Mechanist Games says that a number of factors went into the decision to shut the game down including the decline of Unity support. Mechanist has already suspended payment services, but you will still be able to play until January 31st.


Our Thoughts

City of Steam is by far one of the most beautiful and unique browser games we’ve ever seen. It has a fantastic soundtrack (see the video below) and the developers have always been amazing. It is indeed a sad day. If you haven’t played City of Steam we highly recommend you do so. It may not be the most high tech and flashy game but it is a gem and it will be missed.

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