City of Titans Shows Off Fan-Built Characters

I know I’ve mentioned here before how building a superheroic avatar is probably the single most important thing in playing a game like City of Titans. Heck, I’d even go so far as to say it’s more vital than the powers you select. If the City of Titans fan characters showcased by the team recently is any indication, then, we’re all in for lots of decisions to make fashion-wise.

city of titans fan characters

The custom-built characters come by way of hands-on time fans had during this year’s New York Comic Con, where players were able to stitch together their own superheroic avatars from scratch to make some completely unique characters.

Much of the fan-created avatars seemed to take full advantage of the game’s ability to create asymmetrical designs, with alternate shoulderpads and textures being applied to different parts of the costume. Lighting effects were even put to some unique use as well, with one character – The Great Magnifico – sporting glowing brooches for his cape.

The preview also gave a nod to the character builder’s ability to make female avatars of varied shape. “We promised that female Titans would have more choices than just busty and extra busty,” notes the preview. “If you prefer a more realistic body shape, you can have it.”

Be sure to pop by the game’s website to take in the most recent in superpowered fashion.

Our Thoughts

That definitely is a robust character creator, to be sure, and it only confirms our suspicion that the first several hours of gameplay in City of Titans will be spent cobbling together the perfect avatar. We really can’t wait to see these creations open up to the broader audience and shared in a grander scale.

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