Crowfall’s Knight Archetype Sees Some Changes

Crowfall has been mostly busy focusing on its new archetypes and features for the Big World test, but now some time has been freed up to readjust one of the classics. The Knight archetype has gotten a few tweaks, which have been detailed in a recent blog post from the devs.

Knights will now only have one resource to manage; Stamina, which governs all skills. Some skills will build Stamina while others will spend it, and the new reliance on Stamina means that the Knight now has reduced food requirements in order to play.

Blocking has also been changed, with Stamina drain decreased when the Knight has their shield up but isn’t being hit. If a Knight takes a “big hit” while Blocking, they’ll now suffer a hit to their Stamina, which should be enough to withstand at least two such strikes. In addition, Blocking attacks will grant a damage bonus across the board based on the amount of damage blocked, and Blocking a “big hit” will proc a Shield Bash skill. What constitutes a “big hit” was not elaborated in the post.

The new-look Knight is also seeing an increase in damage, a new Soul Power resource for the Leap Smash skill, and a Shield Slam that pushes back targets. The full breakdown of the Knight archetype adjustments can be read here.

Our Thoughts

It’s always good to see some older classes getting love, and the Crowfall Knight now sounds like it’s lined up alongside the more recent archetypes introduced in to the game. We love the fact that shields are offering a function beyond being a “stats platter”, and we can’t wait to see how these changes work out.

Your Thoughts

How do you feel about the changes made to the Knight archetype? Have you played a Knight in Crowfall before? Will you be looking to try the class out? Tell us in the comments.

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