Crowfall’s Unconventional Economy

Today we’re talking paying taxes in acorns. Oh wait, sorry, scratch that. We’re talking currency in Crowfall, and acorns just won’t cut it. Or maybe they would, who are we to judge? Either way, a game set to have such an intricate economy needs a form of currency that is universal amongst players to keep things rolling fluidly. Today ArtCraft have taken to their regular blog to talk about Crowfall’s coin. Does it have to be so traditional?


Apparently not, as coins in Crowfall will be primarily crafted items that stack within a player’s inventory. There will be precious metals scattered throughout and within worlds with the more valuable materials most likely to be found in the riskier campaign worlds. Copper, silver, and gold ore can be found while exploring and this will handle like any item that can be carried, dropped, traded, and so on. This is the material needed by crafters to turn ore into coins, although some crafting disciplines like Alchemy will allow you to turn other materials into ore. And while yes, you will be able to find coins on monsters, this will not be the primary way to gather currency and it will be quite rare to do so.

You will be able to spend your hard-earned coins in Crowfall through various sinks. They can be used to purchase parcels and buildings from the shop, upgrade your strongholds, pay for maintenance, or you can use them as raw materials to craft yet more items. There will not be, however, the traditionally recognized ‘system-run’ vendors that we’ve grown used to in other MMOs. Crowfall wish to create a true player-driven economy and this rather unique way of handling in game currency is certainly a interesting way to make this happen.

Players will need to think carefully about how to transport their coins. You can simply keep it in your inventory and carry it by hand, or place it on a pack pig to move it by caravan. You’ll have to weigh up risks versus rewards and work things out from there.

What do you think about Crowfall’s method of running a player-driven economy?


Source: Crowfall news

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