Dauntless Open Beta Infographic Boasts 90k New Arrivals Daily

The co-op action RPG Dauntless has seen its way through the tumultuous storm of its initial launch to apparent great success. A Dauntless open beta infographic has put things into perspective, citing interesting trivia and boasting a large number of players.

dauntless open beta infographic

According to the data pulled from Phoenix Labs’ magic hat, open beta for Dauntless currently has nearly 900k players with an average of over 90k new players joining in on the hunt daily. Among those Slayers, over 18 million have been downed, while over 5 million successful hunts have been earned.

Other interesting factoids put together in the infographic include the length of distance players have collectively dodge-rolled, the number of guilds formed in-game, and the amount of potions players have gulped down during their fights. You can check out the complete infographic below.

Our Thoughts

That is a LOT of Slayers! We’d like to offer some hearty congratulations to the team at Phoenix Labs for their work on Dauntless and a successful soft launch of the game. We’re looking forward to further updates and more monsters to knock around soon!

Source: MMOBomb

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