Destiny Averaging 3.2 Million Players a Day

If you scour the internet, you might get the impression Destiny is an awful game, with no long term value and no longevity. According to Bungie, you would be sorely mistaken. October 9th marked the one month anniversary for Destiny.In a recent blog post, Bungie and Activision have released various statistics for the month.

One of the more shocking statistics is that even after a month of time Destiny is averaging 3.2 million unique players a day. Sure, Destiny might not be for everyone but those who like it…really like it. The average playtime is approximately three hours per day, this includes weekdays. The average player has logged in almost 21 times. The big surprise, Bungie states they have had more players online in Destiny than they did during the same span for Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, combined.


Killing a boss can take a long time, and feel very rewarding.

It will be interesting to see if the numbers hold up over time but one thing is certain, perception isn’t necessarily reality. Destiny isn’t the massive flop that the internet might want you to believe it is. If you were hesitant to give this one a try, don’t be, Destiny is poised to be around for some time to come. With diminished expectations, now might be the perfect time to jump in. You might just find yourself surprised.

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