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Details of LucasArts’ Cancelled Star Wars Outpost Revealed

Some might not be aware, but before Disney acquired Star Wars, LucasArts spent two years developing a hardcore strategy simulation for PC and mobile devices. It suddenly got cancelled though, only four weeks from completion. Now, however, Eurogamer shows some of the artwork of Star Wars Outpost which they obtained via a source close to the project.


Some background story first, however. Star Wars Outpost was shut down shortly before Disney’s acquisition, at which point other Star Wars games were halted as well. Outpost was dead right then; just like that. Though initially it was thought Outpost was a Farmville clone, it was anything but. No one knew better though, as only the people in LucasArts’ Singapore office were working on the game.

The most unfortunate thing is that, at the time of its cancellation, Star Wars Outpost was already about 90 percent done. “We were just looking for approval to start public beta testing. Instead, we got a call they were going to kill the project,” Eurogamer’s tipster said.

But what was Star Wars Outpost exactly, if not a Farmville clone? This is what Eurogamer’s source had to say: “The best way to describe the game is if Star Wars met Settlers of Catan/EVE. You would take control of an Outpost on a planet within [the Star Wars galaxy]. The land on the planet was finite and so were the resources, so you were forced to search out and find other players. You had choices to either work with them or betray them for their resources. You could then start supplying weapons/ships/tools etc. to either the Rebels or the Empire. Supporting each side would control a balance of power where that side could start taking over the Galaxy.”


Everything in Outpost was hand-painted for a unique art-style, and there were even bigger plans to connect it to Star Wars: First Assault, but it was unfortunately not meant to be.


Our Thoughts

Star Wars Outpost doesn’t seem like a game for everyone, but it surely does look and sound very interesting. It’s unfortunate that it never got to see the light of day, but we’re glad Eurogamer’s source could shed some light on the project. Is it possible to miss something you never even had? Because that’s sort of what we’re feeling right now.

Source: Eurogamer

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