Diablo 3 Kicks Off its 11th Season

The newest Diablo 3 season is now officially underway for players of the popular ARPG on both PC and console. The new season marks the first for the newly-released Necromancer class, which will be included in the new Class Set rewards included with this season’s Haedrig’s Gift.

diabl 3 season

Haedrig’s Gift and the pictured Class Sets await those who complete seasonal chapters 2, 3, and 4. In addition to gear sets, players will also be able to earn a variety of new cosmetics such as the Emerald Dragon pet, new portraits themed around the game’s Treasure Goblins, and the Pant and Boots slot of the exclusive Conqueror’s set. The season will also have a rotation of new and returning Seasonal Conquests to chase.

Season 11 is now live for all PC, Xbox One and PS4 players. More details about what’s in this new season can be found here.

Our Thoughts

Time to put the Necromancer through its paces! This Season is definitely a great way to get players who are perhaps returning to Diablo 3 a chance to try out the game’s outstanding new class, or perhaps to push the Necromancer as far as possible to earn Conquests and other achievements. Either way, this season should be a corpse-exploding good time!

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