E3 2015: Tank Themed MMO Final Fire Announced

ZQGames is getting in on the tank/armor warfare scene with their newly announced Final Fire. It features team based vehicle combat on the air, land, and sea. Like others already on the market Final Fire has modelled their vehicles off real life military craft from World War 2 all the way up to today.


Currently players can chose from the Chinese, Soviet, America, Middle Eastern, and British forces. There are tanks, gunships, planes, and light utility vehicles. Each map is a massive battlefield where two teams face off against each other. The environments in each map are dynamic, designed for strategic combat planning and interactive.

Though it is only being announced now Final Fire has already received the Steam Greenlight. The closed beta for the game has already concluded and was limited only to China. It is expected to launch globally in the fourth quarter of 2015. Check out the official E3 trailer below.

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