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Elder Scrolls Online Update 6 Live Today

Many gamers are eagerly awaiting The Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 6 but the wait is almost over as the patch goes live today.

Elder Scrolls Online Update 6 - MMOGames.com - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

Update 6 (or Patch 1.6) will see perhaps the biggest overhaul to the game that players have yet seen as it prepares for Tamriel Unlimited, the name given to The Elder Scrolls Online’s buy-to-play overhaul for PC (March 17th) and console (June 9th). Along with all of the usual updates, balances and fixes that game patches bring with them, we can expect to see loyalty rewards and the Crown Store live in game.

The Justice System brings thievery and justice to The Elder Scrolls Online, a long requested feature from fans of the Elder Scrolls single-player RPG series wherein players can join the Thieves’ Guild. With Update 6, players will be able to steal owned items from NPCs through grab-and-run, pickpocketing, and of course, burglary. There will be an element of skill with this system as players will need to discern between owned and un-owned items, though this part should be fairly simple with the red prompts given to items. However, when pickpocketing and breaking and entering, players will need to position themselves well and sneak effectively to evade notice, as well as, of course, lockpicking in a timely manner so as not to be caught breaking into a citizen’s home! Players will also be able to murder and loot NPCs. For all of this, however, there will be consequences if your crimes are witnessed. If you are caught red handed, your character will gain a Bounty, displayed in the Bounty Meter, and once gained, guards will pursue and attack you, while citizens may refuse to talk to you. The Bounty Meter determines their level of aggression. On the other hand, if you succeed in your chosen criminal activity and get away with the goods, you may launder your stolen items to a “Fence”, located in Outlaw Refuges, and only to a Fence.

Elder Scrolls Online Update 6 - MMOGames.com - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

One feature of Update 6 receiving much excitement from current Elder Scrolls Online players is the Champion system, which adds much more choice in how you build your high level characters. This is unlocked for your account once you have a Veteran Rank 1 character, and all Champion Points earned on a Veteran Rank character will also grant points to every character on your account regardless of level. This pool is not shared between characters, but is unique to each character so that each character can tailor their points individually. Champion Points are earned when a Veteran Rank character completes anything in the game that earns experience, thus rewarding you for simply playing the game the way you like to. Champion Points can be spent in constellations arranged into 3 groups, which will be familiar to Elder Scrolls aficionados: the Warrior, the Mage, and the Thief. Each group alluding to a common theme, the Warrior focusing on health and defense, the Thief on stamina and utility bonuses, the Mage on magicka and offense, so players will want to decide how they plan to play before spending Champion Points in the new update.

Also coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in today’s update is the Collection System, which will free up some inventory space for collectors. Players will be able to bind pets, mounts, and costumes (though not disguises at this time) to their account to enable use on all of their characters. This system will show the collectibles a player has acquired, as well as not-yet-obtained and how to get them through categories. As a result of the Collection System, mounts will no longer affect things like stamina, speed and capacity but rather, will become a cosmetic choice, and these improvements can be acquired for your character through lessons at stables. Players who have already acquired upgrades through mounts in game will have these stats transferred to their characters.

Elder Scrolls Online Update 6 - MMOGames.com - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

Of course, Update 6 also brings the Crown Store to The Elder Scrolls Online. While the subscription will still be needed for the next fortnight, players will have a chance to peruse the items available in the live game. However, players cannot yet purchase items until Zenimax begin stress testing the system next week. Just for owning the game, you will receive a set amount of crowns to spend in the store when that feature is available. The store brings new mounts, mini-pets, costumes, and consumables to The Elder Scrolls Online.


For all of this and more, see the Patch notes for Update 6 on the official Elder Scrolls Online forums.

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