Elite Dangerous Launches for PlayStation 4

It’s probably one of the more anticipated launches among players of the internet spaceship sandbox, and it’s finally here. Elite Dangerous PS4 is officially out today, expanding the MMO to yet another console.

elite dangerous ps4

Along with every gameplay feature Elite Dangerous is known for, the PS4 edition introduces some features that take advantage of the console’s unique controller inputs. Players can use the controller’s touchpad to navigate the galaxy map, assign four additional hotkeys to presses of the touchpad, and take advantage of the controller’s motion controls for headlook.

The PS4 version is available digitally as either standalone purchases of the base game and the Horizons season pass, or as a bundled Commander Deluxe Edition that also offers a ship paint pack. If you’re the sort who likes the feel of a plastic case, the game is also available at retail for both PS4 and Xbox One that packs in the base game, Horizons, and 1,000 Frontier Points for in-game store purchases.

A new trailer is along for the announcement, which can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

We know a lot of players have been excited for the PS4 edition of Elite Dangerous so it’s great to finally see the game arrive to the console. With that bit of news out of the way, players of all formats can now focus their attention on some more pressing in-game affairs…

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