Elsword: Henir’s Time and Space Update

KOG Games, publisher of the hit free-to-play action anime MMORPG, Elsword, let’s players experience a mind-boggling new adventure with its latest update: Henir’s Time and Space!

The typical crescendo known as the boss encounter is of course, the tried and true MMORPG staple. You and your faithful group of (guild)buddies are going to discover what is truly behind the evil scheme that has defiled the good-willed townsfolk. Once you band together, it’s up to you guys to bring the big boss monster to justice, who has been terrorizing the townsfolk. These boss monsters are the typical ones you have seen before in the final stages of every Dungeon, and for the most part, you have survived. Well, more or less that is.


NOT this time though, because back with a vengeance, are the big bad bosses of Elrios! They have teamed up to bring you the most challenging, exclusive Dungeon experience in all of Elsword. These baddies will keep you and your friends on your toes with back-to-back bouts, leading up to and including the all-new Sander themed Boss encounters.

Not only that, every Dungeon run has been ramped up to give dungeon crawling heroes the bigger and better rewards for their efforts. Players receive rewards for different Henir’s Time and Space dungeon challenge modes. Special rewards go to those players who complete the Challenge mode and three Normal Mode Dungeon instances per day. There are no limits as to how often you can enter the Dungeon and receive rewards, as they would with regular Dungeons.

Elsword Henir's Time and Space

And to add to all that, new Challenge rewards which players can acquire from the new Time and Space Aura Gemstone quest from the NPC named Glave. Players receive 45,000 ED as well as the aforementioned Gemstone. With this special item, you can create high-level equipment unique to the Henir’s Time and Space Dungeon.

Exclusive Solo Ranking system is also new for those willing to earn some wicked Time and Space equipment and Titles. Complete the Dungeon as quickly as you can to earn these cool new items and watch your name go up in lights on the brand new Hero Category Ranking Board. If you would rather go shopping instead of tackling the new Dungeons,, new Glave themed items have been added to the shop too!


Whether you want to tackle the biggest and baddest Dungeon in Elsword with your buddies and share the wealth, or be the hero you’ve always wanted to be and reap all the riches for yourself, answer the challenge of Glave, and enter the halls of Henir’s Time and Space Dungeon!

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