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Epsilon Will Face Enemy in the SMITE World Championship

After one of the most exciting events so far in the SMITE World Championship, Epsilon eSports will move on to the Grand Finals after defeating Cloud9 3-2.

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Epsilon eSports has had a long journey but it will all be worth it when the SMITE World Championship Grand Finals begin tomorrow. Starting in the placement rounds, Epsilon had to fight their way through Isurus Gaming, Pain Gaming, and Fnatic before facing Cloud9 in the semifinals.

Game 1: Cloud9

The first round of the SMITE World Championship semifinals seemed to be all about Epsilon eSports. In the first 5 minute Epsilon managed to rack up 7 kills through key plays by Yammyn’s Zeus. So far, this was definitely the most aggressive game in the semifinals. By 13 minutes in there were already 15 kills, greatly in favor of Epsilon 11-4. Despite such a huge early game advantage, Cloud9 managed to catch Epsilon off guard in the jungle, which lead to a 1 for 3 trade and a handful of tier 1 towers. Near the 26-minute mark, Cloud9 gains their first gold lead after Zeus is picked off early in a team fight and 3 other Epsilon teammates fall due to the damage disadvantage. With their advantage, Cloud9 grabs a Fire Giant buff and then rotates to take down two of Epsilon’s Phoenixes. With two sets of fire minions pushing in, Epsilon is forced to concede another Fire Giant buff to Cloud9. In one final push, Cloud9 takes down the final Phoenix and is able to burn the Epsilon Titan.

Game 2: Epsilon

Where Game 1 was all about early kills, the first real engagement doesn’t happen in Game 2 until after 6 minutes when Epsilon trades 1 death for 4 kills. Cloud9 manages to catch up with 3 kills, however, after an excellent Geb shield on what appeared to be a dead Hun Batz in mid lane. Just when things were starting to go Cloud9’s way, the Epsilon Khepri baited out C9 Baskin and turns a risky scenario into an entire team wipe. By 18 minutes in, Epsilon took a commanding 15-5 kill lead after a great Ne Zha ultimate helps secure a 4-0 team fight. Things simply snowballed from this point as Epsilon was able to secure two Fire Giant buffs, take out Cloud9’s Phoenixes, and end the game.

Game 3: Cloud9

As one of the most passive games in the series, first blood isn’t claimed by Epsilon until just past the 7-minute mark. While attempting to gank Freya with global ultimates from Thor and Athena, Cloud9 can’t secure the kill and Bellona is allow to pick up a free tier 1 tower kill. Afterwards, Epsilon rotates mid to try and pick off Geb, but waste too many ultimate abilities before the fight. Cloud9 turns things around and secures 2 kills in the exchange. A fatal mistake by Epsilon leads to a passive neutral game where Cloud9 gains a massive gold lead. By 25 minutes in, Cloud9’s Xbalanque has a 4,000 gold advantage over the Epsilon Freya. A clash at an Epsilon tier 2 tower ends in a 4-1 exchange in favor of Cloud9. With a 15,000 gold advantage at 28 minutes in, Cloud9 secures the Fire Giant buff and bulldozes through the second Epsilon Titan to take the victory.

Game 4: Epsilon

Epsilon seemed to have learned their lesson in Game 4 and refused to give Cloud9 an inch. The name of the game was all about pressure at this point. With an early 7-3 lead, Epsilon took their 3rd Gold Fury by 18 minutes and secured a 3,500 gold advantage. This advantage was multiplied when an overaggressive Freya was picked off and led to a 4-1 team fight for Epsilon. With a level and gold advantage, Epsilon pushed middle lane hard and managed to easily kill Cloud9’s Neith and Athena with a series of stuns. Bellona attempted to chase down a weakened Epsilon Fenrir but she was taken out when reinforcements arrive. From this point the game snowballed hard in favor of Epsilon as they killed the Fire Giant, all of Cloud9’s Phoenixes, and eventually their Titan with the win coming at 29 minutes.

Game 5: Epsilon

This was it. The final game to determine who would get a shot at victory and face off against Enemy eSports in the SMITE World Championship Grand Finals. With more than 47,000 fans watching, Epsilon showed what they were truly made of. Excellent plays by both Geb and Fenrir led to a one-sided victory in this culminating match. The first battle took place during the first minute of the game; Epsilon went 2-1 and picked up first blood for the quick gold advantage. The rest of the game essentially consisted of Cloud9 overextending while Geb saved many Epsilon lives and Fenrir tore apart the enemy’s backline. At 17 minutes in Epsilon had a commanding 6,000 gold lead and that doubled by the 23-minute mark. Cloud9 made one final attempt 24 minutes in, but it wasn’t enough and Epsilon was allowed to simply walk in and crush their Titan, ending the series.

SMITE World Championship Epsilon

Our Thoughts:

Congrats to Epsilon eSports and good luck in the SMITE World Championship Grand Finals tomorrow.

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