EVE Citadel Expansion Details Revealed

Some concrete details on EVE Online‘s upcoming during EVE Vegas 2015. Now officially titled “Citadels”, the expansion set to release in the Spring of 2016 is intended to be the biggest addition to the sandbox gameplay since the original starbases. It includes a complete overhaul of capital ships as well as three different sizes of the new modular citadel structure.

EVE Citadel

CCP confirmed that Citadels will be anchorable anywhere, even in high-security space, with the only restriction being that it can’t be within 600 km or so of any NPC structure, celestial object, or other citadel.


The Citadels

Medium sized citadels are meant for corporations who might currently use starbases, and they cost just 608 million ISK, with modules and rigs costing between 10 and 50 million ISK each. These citadels will be vulnerable to attack for only three hours per week while the defenses “recalibrate and refuel”. A period can be set by the owner of the citadel. All citadels will able to fit new citadel weapons, electronic warfare modules, and station services such a s reprocessing units and manufacturing facilities.

As for the large citadels; they are aimed at larger corporations or small alliances, and with a price tag of 7 billion ISK you’ll have more slots for weapons, electronic warfare and station services. The large citadels will have significantly more hitpoints compared to the medium citadel, but are vulnerable for a total of 6 hours per week, instead of 3.

EVE Online

X-Large citadels are physically the size of a small moon, and are aimed at large alliances. They cost 70 billion ISK each. Players in the game’s largest alliances have pointed out that this may be too cheap, with 21 hours of vulnerability throughout the week, these structures may be blowing up far more often than you might anticipate.

There’s a lot more information about the citadels, but as we weren’t able to attend EVE Vegas ourselves, it’s probably better if we direct you to someone who did. MassivelyOP has some nice coverage on the event¬†, so definitely check them out.

Source: MassivelyOP

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