EVE Online Adding New Wormholes

CCP Games has been on an aggressive release schedule for its flagship MMORPG, EVE Online. Currently slated for December 9th, the newest update, Rhea, will introduce over 100 new wormholes to the game. The new “Shattered Wormholes” vary slightly from normal wormholes already existing in the game. Rhea is shaping up to be an awesome new addition to the EVE universe. Some of the important details are listed below. For more information, CCP has put together a very detailed post on their official website.


The seventy five Standard Shattered Wormhole Systems will be similar to normal W-space systems in many ways (including delayed-mode local chat), but will have a few important distinctions:

  • They will have no moons and every planet will be shattered. The reasons for this phenomena are heavily tied into the ongoing and upcoming events within New Eden.
  • They will have some special landmark sites that also connect to the storyline and provide clues to the reason they were previously inaccessible. I wouldn’t be surprised if they found their way to Mark726’s EVE Travel blog.
  • They will have a somewhat higher occurrence of some of their class-appropriate W-space signature and anomaly content compared to a normal W-space system.
  • They will contain a new celestial debris field asteroid belt anomaly that will be larger and richer than most belts.
  • They will contain minable ice fields. This will be the first ice available in wormhole space
  • They will be distributed into all the existing wormhole classes, and some will have one of the currentwormhole system effects.
  • There are also some extra unique lore-connected surprises to be found in a small percentage of these new systems.


The twenty five Small Ship Shattered Wormhole Systems will have all the features of the normal Shattered Wormhole Systems, with the following additions:

  • All wormholes in or out of these systems will be small ship wormholes, meaning that only Frigates, Destroyers and Heavy Interdictors (Heavy Interdictors can use their bubble generators to reduce their mass) can enter.
  • These systems will all receive anomaly and signature sites appropriate for wormholes between class 1 and class 3, but will receive the system effects normally reserved for C6 Wolf Rayet systems (+100% armor hit points +200% small weapon damage, -50% shield resists, -50% signature size)
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