EVE Online Begins Testing The Agency and Exoplanet Discovery

EVE Online testing is about to begin on the game’s Singularity test server, offering players a chance to stress-test two major new features coming to the space sandbox soon: an in-game event known as The Agency and the study of new exoplanets through EVE’s Project Discovery.

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The Agency in-game event is expanding with today’s Singularity build in an effort to see how the new PvE missions operate under load. The Agency event has been in testing for the past several days.

In addition, EVE Online’s next phase of its real-world science and data collection initiative, Project Discovery, will also open up on Singularity. The new phase will let players examine and study several exoplanets discovered by the CoRoT telescope. Data studied by players will be collected by scientists, and those who take part will receive several in-game rewards.

Testing has begun today, Tuesday, July 4th at 5 PM UTC. More information about the test can be found on EVE Online’s official site.

Our Thoughts

While the in-game event is certainly interesting, we’re more impressed with EVE Online’s continued use in applying real-world data analysis to its game. We’re very curious to know how players will take to this next phase of Project Discovery, along with everything else up for testing.

Source: official site

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